Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Thankful For....

(not my actual doctor's office)
... access to medical care.

I'm thankful that we have medical insurance (even when it's difficult to work with) & I'm very thankful for my doc's office. They added J in at the very end of the day after I told them he had been having fevers for three days but I had no way to get there before 4pm. I had both girls yesterday & didn't have the extra car seat (it was in the car with hubby). They got us in & we found out J has a really bad strep throat. I'm thankful it was diagnosed so quickly. I'm thankful for the small town phamarcy that was able to fill the script for us which saved me an hour round trip drive in to town to get it filled at the chain pharmacy. I'm thankful that J is getting better - I'll know for sure if he doesn't wake up tonight with a nasty fever like he did last night. I'm thankful that I have relatively healthy children.

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