Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Thankful For...

Yes, I'm behind in my posts. It's just that I've been having a very busy week. So I'll catch it up now.

November 10th hubby.

I should probably say this first & foremost...these thankful posts are in no particular order. Trust me. I am very thankful that my husband is such an amazing provider for our family. When I was pregnant with baby #2 we decided it was time for me to stay home with the children - something we hadn't really ever considered before that time. We went to one income & have struggled to make it work for a number of years. He's never once wavered about me staying home - as long as it was what I wanted. For that I am very thankful. I'm also thankful for what he does now. Four years ago we made the decision to move back to where he grew up. It's a very rural part of the state. There really are no jobs for him in this area so he knew it would mean at least a one hour commute one way for a job - if not longer. He took a job closer to where we used to live & drives at least 2 hours round trip daily. However, this new job requires more travel & some day he spends long days on the road. He never complains about all the travel. He is an amazing provider & I'm so thankful we've had 15 years together so far. I'm praying for many more.

November 11th

...this child.

My middle son. Oh my - what can I say about this little guy. I'm thankful for the joy he brings in to my life every day. He is such an inquisitive child. He has to know how things work and why. Oh yes, he is my why child. He's 7-1/2 and a day still does not go by when I don't get grilled on the "whys" of life. And yes, at times I have told him to just please top because I am "all questioned out." ;-) He makes me think. He makes me laugh. He has unlimitless energy - at least so it seems. He wakes up hungry. The first thing out of his mouth every morning is, "Can I have breakfast?" He makes life fun.

November 12th

...this child.

Oh yes - my baby who is growing up far too fast for my liking. He turns five in January. FIVE! I'm just not sure how that could happen as it seems like just yesterday he was a squalling little (well, okay, he has never been "little") bundle of boy. Our third boy. God certainly has a sense of humor or at least know what I could handle. ;-) This little one is in the midst of trying to figure out how to leave toddler hood behind & be a little boy. He still wants to be mommy's little boy but he is also striving to figure out how to be a "big boy" as well. He struggles with me watching the two babies. He does not like to share me, but it's making him grow in to a better person. He does play with them & it's nice to see him interact with ones younger than he is - he does it very well. He brings so much fun & joy in to our house. He is the most ticklish child I've ever seen. I don't even have to touch him & he will dissolve. We tell him if he didn't have such a great laugh, we wouldn't tickle him so much. I'm so very thankful to have him in my life.

November 13th parents.

I couldn't find a photo of my parents easily on my computer (yes, I need to get my photos in to some semblance of order) but I did find this sign. This is the name of the farm I grew up on. My parents moved to Maine from where they grew up in Massachusetts after getting married & having three children. They moved in to an old run-down farmhouse with no indoor plumbing (can you imagine???) & no running water. They put all that in & had two more babies (myself & my younger sister). Shortly after I was born they were led to Christ by my "Uncle" Bones (and no I can't remember his real name but that is what we called him). I am a second-generation Christian. For that I am very thankful. I'm thankful that my parents are still married after 45 years (or maybe 46...). I'm thankful they raised us in the country on a farm. I am also thankful they opened their hearts to Christ all those years ago.


  1. Very nice.. :) I know what you mean about sharing you. Sage hates to share me with anyone!! :) I'm glad to hear you have had long week.

  2. Ok.. so what are we going to do abou tgetting all those digiphotos organized?


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