Friday, November 14, 2008

Calling All Mother's of Boys!

...of wives of men who still think like Peter-Pan. ;-)

It IS the season...of holiday giveaways out in the blogosphere. I'm coming across some daily. Most just require a comment on their blog to be entered & then they pick a random person to win. I've actually won (drum roll) this blog makeover that way PLUS I won a Star Wars Clone Wars digital camera - seriously. I have yet to figure out which of my boys will get it - probably N since B already has a digital camera (that he bought with his own money), but we'll see.


This giveway I wanted to share about today is for this....
What little boy (or grown up little boy) wouldn't love this??? Want the details & to enter yourself? Click HERE to head over to Frugal Upstate. BTW, you might want to hang around her blog for a bit as she is doing a few giveaways lately. And prepare to do a lot of ducking if your little guy wins. ;-)

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  1. You stink! I so wanted to win that Star wars digital camera for Hunter. Congrats on both! You rock! I hope i get lucky. :)


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