Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Touching My Heart

Blogs have started becoming a different thing for me lately. I used to belong to a ton of Yahoo groups. Okay, I STILL belong to a ton of Yahoo groups, but many I've gone to "no mail" or "digest." The relationship I used to develop on them by spending way too much time posting a lot seem to have changed some.

Since I discovered Google Reader a few months ago, blogs and blogging have changed for me. I enjoy reading them. I follow various ones for various reasons. I have ones I follow for educational ideas for my children or ideas to keep the younger crowd occupied while I teach the older crowd. I follow ones that are just fun to read. The humor keeps me going throughout the day. Not all the blogs I read update daily which is probably a good thing since I just checked and I now have 95 blogs in my Reader. wow!

So what does that have to do with this post?

One blog I discovered at the start of my reading is called 5 Minutes for Mom. I highly recommend it to those of us in the mom crowd. The posts are generally short. They are generally relevant to our lives as moms. They have great giveaways which I haven't won yet but it's still fun to enter! They have a lot of neat things to say.

One of their own - Jennifer - is currently on a trip to the Dominican Republic for a Compassion Blogger trip. There are a number who were brought together by Compassion to head down there to see what it is they do for these children who are living in such poverty.

I started out by reading Jennifer's posts at 5 Minutes for Mom. Then I started checking out some of the other team that had gone down. Let me just say that it's really neat to read the different perspectives of the same day through different eyes.

Tim at Challies Dot Com who is there with his son

Shaun Groves (who has a fabulous song he is giving away for election day - I've listened to it over & over tonight. Do you want a copy? The link is in my sidebar.)

Melanie at The Big Mama

Mary from Owl Haven

Marlboro Man - The Pioneer Woman's hubby & their two daughters

As I've been reading their posts it's so hard for me to fathom or imagine what these mothers who live there are going through. Their children are hungry. They have no money to feed them. No jobs to work to get the money to feed them. Then Compassion International comes in right alongside the families and helps them. They teach them. They educate them. They feed them. They love them. With the help of sponsors some of these children have better lives.

Do I sponsor a child? Not yet, but after spending the week reading these blogs, I will be - very shortly.

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  1. If it weren't so late, I'd jump in and read every blog you suggested. Compassion is going on a Uganda Tour and my husband and I can't go just yet, but do look forward to the day we see Dorcas face to face. A couple of months ago they did an article on some women bloggers who went to meet their children. It was incredible!


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