Friday, December 5, 2008

HFH: Last One!

Hot for the Holidays

Wow - this challenge just seemed to fly by! I really enjoyed myself & I hope I didn't bore too many people with the details. I never had issues with my weight until (probably like a lot of folks) I had my first baby. Even then it wasn't horrid until I started working nights shortly after I had B. In the six weeks after he was born, I was within 10 pounds of my pre-baby weight. Then I worked the night shift - with an infant that came to work with me. To say I was sleep deprived would have been the world's worst understatement.

I would stop at a local convenience store on the way each night & buy two regular Mountain Dews & two kind sized candy bars to snack on to stay awake. Is it no wonder I put it all back on & then some! I did quit that job when B was about eight months old because he was sleeping less during the day & so was I - it wasn't pretty folks. But the damage had been done & I've been struggling with it ever since.

I wanted to share some things that I have learned about myself through this challenge...

1. I'm an athlete at heart. I never really realized that. I played basketball from eighth grade to my senior year of high school. I wasn't great but I loved it. I was even captain my senior year. But let's not talk about that season - it wasn't a highlight of my senior year. ::grin:: I was never a stand out in sports, but I liked them. I like playing them still. I remember my hubby's company outing from a few years ago & we all played beach volleyball - in the rain no less - and it was so much fun (and I was pretty good too!).

2. I like to work out. I really do. I may complain. I may go weeks without doing anything. But I really do like it. Every spring I ride a 50K bike ride to raise money for diabetes research. When I'm actually training well (read that: riding more than six miles a week), I enjoy myself so much. It's only when I'm horribly out of shape that I don't like working out.

3. I can loose the weight. It's possible. It's working. I'm in a "new decade" with my weight. Actually, it might even be considered a new "century." ::grin:: And it's a number I have not seen on my scale in more than four years. I'm thrilled every time I see it.

On to the week's challenge...we were to post before & after challenge photos. Well, 4.5 pounds is what I lost total & trust me - there isn't much of a visual different yet. But I also figured out how much I've lost since I started really working on loosing weight & that's 14.5 pounds. That makes me really happy.

We were also all challenged to loose one pound. Sorry to say I didn't. But I didn't gain any either. That's okay. Next week will be better.

I'm still working on this & until I get to that goal (about 60 more pounds away), then I'm going to keep working on it - even if this challenge is over.

Thanks so much to Baby Tea Leaves for putting this together. It's been a lot of fun. And if one can say that about loosing weight, you know it has to be true!


  1. Great job!

    I think we all have an athlete inside us somewhere. We just have to find the sport we enjoy and start doing it!

  2. Congrats! I hope you continue to do the best you can! You have it in you! Even if you have to keep posting to keep you going. :)

  3. I am impressed that you have lost that weight. Weight is a never ending battle for me. I am larger now than I have ever been in my WHOLE LIFE and I just hate it. Thanks for posting your journey. I am encouraged by it.

  4. I just put the kids down for their naps and was heading off for some much needed time with Jesus, and stopped here and will NOT be stopping by the freezer for one more piece of toffee before landing in my chair with my Bible and Journal. The toffee would be yummy, but I'm fighting with about 10-13 pounds and I wanna win! Thanks for sharing!


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