Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Perfect Tree

Click to play Christmas tree


We went out this past Sunday to find our Christmas Tree. There is a tree farmer just up the road from us & we started going there last year (our first year in a long time to have a real tree). The boys love walking through the fields of trees looking for "the perfect one." Each one has to try his hand at cutting it down. Then we haul it home & decorate it.

We came home after church & had lunch. Then we all piled back in the truck & headed to the tree farm. After we got the tree home & inside, I took some time to read the paper & get a grocery list together. Then J & I headed out to do the grocery shopping. By the time we got home, the two older boys & Daddy had the tree up, lights & garland on & ready for decorating.

Just before bedtime, the boys put on the ornaments. For the most part, the majority of ornaments on the tree this year are theirs. Each year my hubby's aunt buys everyone an ornament. She has been doing this since my hubby was a baby. Each year as I take the ornaments off the tree, I package each of the boys in to separate bags. That way I can just hand each of them their ornament collection to hang.

We do have other ornaments for the tree. At one point in our married lives we bought a house and it had a HUGE great in 30 feet ceilings. I kind you not. We bought a 15 foot tree that year & had so little in the way of ornaments that it was almost laughable so we bought more. We still have all those ornaments. Needless to say, many stay in the boxes & never get hung on the tree. Some day we may have need of them...hopefully.


  1. So cute! I'm so happy you shared the whole experience. Looks like fun! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Hunter wants me to tell "N" Hi! He was watching the video with me. ;)

  2. What a fun family outing. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love the memories of cutting a real tree.

  3. Great pictures! I loved the last one--your boys in Santa hats.

    What fun to have the boys cut the tree. Mr. Tree Farmer does ours. This year he pulled our truck out of the mud too. lol.

    I finally had the idea this year that I'll pack all the kids' ornaments away separately. What a difference that will make when we get them out again! Wish I'd thought of that years and years ago.


  4. Oh, I used to love doing that when we lived in Canada. It's a really great memory for kids, isn't it?

    Early early years of parenting saw lots of hand made ornaments on our tree, but they tended to fall apart eventually.

    I cram our tree, I hate to leave anything out!

  5. Love the pictures! Your boys are so handsome!!!! We used to have real trees until we found out someone in our house has tree allergies! I used to love going and finding the perfect tree! Your post brings back some good memories!

  6. Loved the Smilebox. It's almost hot here, warm enough that last night and today we have eaten on the back porch! To see snow seems so foreign! It looked like everyone enjoyed it. Merry Christmas!

  7. Love the photos of "J making sure everyone knew what they were doing". :) Too cute!


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