Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs: New Year Traditions

For this week, since I’m quite curious, post about what you did for New Year’s and what your traditions are each year. Have fun!

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We don't really have anything traditional that we do here at all. Some years we go to friend's houses & hang out & play games. Some years we have folks come to our house & hang out & play games. Some years we put the kids to bed early & watch TV. It truly varies.

I already blogged about part of our New Years celebration for this year. You can read about it by clicking HERE.

What I neglected to tell you was that as soon as we tucked in the boys in to bed - around 8:30pm - we popped in a DVD to watch of one of our favorite TV shows, Bones. We get a lot of our series through Netflix & it makes the viewing faster & eliminates commercials. We typically watch anywhere from 2-4 episodes in a sitting.

We decided to go for all four episodes. I did well until about the third episode - nearing on 10pm at this point. I knew I was drifting in & out & finally just gave up. I missed the last fifteen minutes so hubby told me "who-dun-it-and-why." I sat up instead of reclining on the couch & munched some M&M's & drank some Diet Dew (my drink of choice) & managed to watch the rest of the the series.

Then we watched a bit of the ball dropping but I swear I missed it. Did they even show it? It seems like they showed a bit of it & then the 2009 sign. We were watching Dick Clark & I have to admit it was a tad painful to hear him talk. The poor man is in his late 70's & had a stroke. His speech is affected & it was hard to understand him at certain points.

So that was our exciting celebration for 2009.


  1. We missed the ball dropping this year. It would have been sad to see Dick Clark like that. I've heard from others that it was just sad. However, I am sure he was happy to continue in his tradition and feel loved. :)

  2. I love watching shows without the commercials. With some M & M's sounds even better! Happy New Year!!

  3. I just got into Bones and it is really interesting isn't it

  4. Happy New Year! We didn't watch the ball drop. We were at some friends house playing games until the wee hours of the morning (LOL).

  5. You know, I've never watched the ball drop in Times Square :-)

    I guess I've had too much fun watching fireworks or trees go up in smoke.

    Elaine H.


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