Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weight Loss Journey

So as a lot of you know, I've been working on loosing weight here for a few months. It began in earnest last fall when I started doing the Hot for the Holidays challenge over at Baby Tea Leaves. That challenge went from the end of September through to the beginning of December. I didn't loose a ton (I think a total of three pounds) but it was getting my head in the game - so to speak. (::giggle:: sorry - I do like HSM. LOL)

Then the holidays hit. The new year began. I put all the weight back that I had lost. ::sigh:: Typical story - new chapter.

Our MOPS group had a nutritionist from the local hospital come & speak to us a couple times. She was nice. She was a Christian. And my insurance would pay for a few visits. I jumped in & made an appointment. I even dragged all three boys along with me. She only flinched a little when I walked in with all the boys. ;-)

The appointment was good. She helped me see what foods I liked that I could eat to help me on this journey. It was another step in the right direction.

I also had been reading different things here and there. One thing I really enjoy is a weekly e-mail I get from Linda Spangle from Weight Loss Joy! (imagine that - weight loss JOY!) She has written a few books & her e-mails are always thought provoking. She just started a brand new e-mail series about emotional eating (a huge thing for me) which I'm looking forward to. If you are interested in signing up for her e-mail series, click HERE.

Another thing that really struck me. I mean, it almost stopped me in my tracks, struck me kind of thing. Our Sunday paper has a column by The Diet Detective. Two weeks ago his column was titled "The truth about losing that weight." Talk about eye opening. The article on-line is exactly what was printed in the paper. The thing that made me stop & go, "Eureka!" or at least something like that was this...

FIND THE "WHY": Why in the world do you want to lose weight? You'd better have a very clear and precise reason that will stand up to your most powerful excuses.

That was it. I'm very good at finding the excuses. "I'm too tired." or "I don't feel like it." or "I'll do it later." or a whole host of them. After all it's very easy to find the excuse but so much harder to (to borrow from Nike) just do it!

I realized that I have been self-sabotaging myself. I'm scared to see the "what if" in my life.

What if I loose the 70 pounds I need to get down to my goal weight? What if I start to feel better? What if people start to notice?

At the heart of myself I am shy & an introvert. I know, those who know me IRL may scoff at that, but it's true. I don't want to be noticed. I don't want to be the center of attention. I have to force myself many times to just do it (again with the Nike slogan). It's hard sometimes to get out of my comfort zone but that is what needs to happen.

I have the right reasons now. I'm done with the excuses.

I'm taking a weight loss class at the local hospital. It's been helpful although I'm a bit frustrated with the first week. It doesn't help that the class is held at 5pm. There is a 10am class but with my kids plus Miss L that's not happening. My MIL is great & meets me at the class & takes the boys home & watches them until my hubby gets home. This was our second class so the first weigh in since I got really focused. And I lost nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing. ::sigh::

But I worked out 40-60 minutes five days this past week. I'm doing Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred video (may I just saw OW!) twice a week plus my walking videos with the "boosted walk" (i.e. jogging). I worked out a lot this week. So I know I'm burning as much as I'm eating. There is no deficit & there has to be to loose the weight. Here's to a better week. I'm sure next Monday will show a loss of some sort. I'm positive.


  1. Hang in there!
    You can do it! I know if I can stick with it, anybody can! I'm getting there slowly... Good luck!

  2. I'm over weight as well, and struggling! Could it be that you are gaining muscle? If you are doing a lot of exercise you might be gaining muscle which weighs more than fat. Another thing I've noticed - when it is close to that time of the month, I can gain 2-4 pounds!

    It is so hard to stay on track. I know; I'm an emotional eater as well, and a chocoholic! Keep up the great work. :)

    One last thought. One thing that has helped me here recently was to not think of the total weight loss goal. It was daunting for me. Now I just focus on loosing 10 pounds, and I don't look beyond that. I'll tackle the next ten when I get there. Um, I haven't gotten there yet, but it does seem to be working. ;)

    BTW, don't look at my latest recipe! LOL. Total comfort food.

  3. Good luck! It's good to be positive!


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