Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Photo Challenge

9th picture folder
or September 2008
18th picture
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Last September hubby was building a shed. He put down a concrete floor & we had the boys write their names & put their handprints in the wet cement. This was B's name & hand print. 


  1. Fun! I hear hammering even now as we're adding on a room at the Baby Home (but if all my kids put their handprints down, well.....there wouldn't even be enough room, LOL).

    I LOVE Maine, at least in the summer. Our family has vacationed there a couple times.

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

  2. FUN! I think that's a great idea!!!

  3. That is so awesome! What a great memory!

  4. Cute! We did the same thing with my two oldest boys when my parents poured concrete for their driveway a few years ago!


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