Friday, May 15, 2009

DEW Animal Kingdom Field Trip

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We had a great opportunity this week to go visit the D.E.W. Animal Kingdom & Sanctuary. This is a pretty neat place especially considering it's located in Maine. The D.E.W. part of their name explains it all. It stands for "domestic & exotic wildlife" & that pretty much sums it up. 

We say lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) plus some llamas, foxes, camels, wolves, and so much more. All the animals here are rescued or injured. They nurse them back to health & keep them safe.

I've been wanting to take the boys here for some time mainly because of the exotic animals, but their price didn't make me want to go that badly. I felt it a bit too pricey for us. Then a homeschooling friend of mine put together a field trip. We were able to go for the school field trip price of a mere $3/person. So instead of paying $40 for all of us to go (the boys & myself), I paid a mere $12. That so works for me!

We were given a guided tour of all the animals. The boys learned a lot. N even got to pet a camel. His favorite animal were the white wolves. B liked the tiger & J liked the camels. I found some coloring pages of their favorites on-line & they colored those & wrote thank-you notes today. Those will be mailed out tomorrow.

It was a wonderful day - not counting the black flies - and the boys had a great time.


  1. Is this the place we took our kids, where Scotty had the terrible meltdown when the white peacock was displaying?

  2. What a great field trip! Aren't we glad that spring finally came?

  3. That sounds like a great place! I'll be checking out the link.


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