Friday, May 29, 2009

Upcoming Fun!

A few months ago I applied for a couple review "jobs." I won't get paid other than in products, but I think it will be fun. Within just a few days I was notified that I was chosen for BOTH of them!

I am now an official member of the TOS (The Old Schoolhouse magazine) Homeschool Crew. This means that over the course of the next school year, I will be given products/curriculum to reivew. I'll then share my review of it here on the blog. Fun! This seems a great fit for a curriculum junkie like myself! Although, I am also hoping it will help out here in my community. I live in such a rural area that it is hard to see curriciulum "hands-on" & get a feel for it. Many of us have to rely on the internet which does have limits as to what we can see. 

The other review job is for WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group (part of Random House). I heard about this from my friend De'Etta who has been part of this program for a while now. If you read a lot of blogs, I'm sure you've seen this. I'll be given review copies of books, I'll read, and post a review. I'm all for this too! I love to read & this will be a great way to find new authors. 

So stayed tune for lots of fun reviews around here!


  1. Oh way to go Lisa! I know you'll enjoy both new jobs! :) And, I look forward to your insights on the products too..

    Hugs, Christa.

  2. Congrats! Have fun with it.

    I also just became a blogger for WaterBrook! Do you know about the blogger reviews for NavPress, Thomas Nelson, Zondervan, and Bethany House, too? Of course, I don't want to encourage you to go insane doing reviews. LOL When the stack of review items is taller than you, you know you've over-committed! ;0)

  3. FUN! There are a couple of us doing reviews for Waterbrook Press now.

  4. Lisa, I am so excited about you becoming a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew! I really enjoyed reading those blog posts about curriclum this past year. (that is how I found out about All About Spelling!)

    I truly value your opinion on curriculum products.... (you are a Mom of boys like me; we seem to like many of the same types of curriculum....). I can't wait to follow along with you through the year!!

  5. You don't know me, but I read your post over at Shrinking Jeans. I am Christine and also live in Maine. It sounds like you live up north. Figured I would just say hi! I don't have a blog, but enjoy reading them. Are you going to start the new challenge over there? I think I will as I want to lose 5 more lbs before vacation at the end of June.

  6. Ooooh, nice work if you can get it!{g}

  7. Neat! I look forward to your reviews. I always like reading about new curriculum and books.


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