Monday, June 1, 2009

I Heart Faces: Happy Birthday!

::deep breath:: I've been following the I Heart Faces photo contests since they started, but didn't enter for a number of reasons. One main one is that I kept forgetting to! However, I actually have a fun & recent photo that fits this week's category "Happy Birthday!" Yeah!

This photo was taken at my nephew's birthday party at the beginning of May. He had just turned one & absolutely had a blast playing (and eating) his cake! It was so much fun to watch him.

Be sure to head over to the I Heart Faces blog to check out all the great info, ideas, and entries for this week's category!


  1. YAY! is this your first week entering? if so, welcome! That is a very fun and very good kid entry! Well done!

  2. This is an awesome picture! I am just loving all of these cake eating pictures! Bring on the mess!

  3. very very cute!! it's nice to see you!!!!

  4. Great photo! I was thinking about joining this week, too!


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