Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun at the Park (aka A Sunny Day)

On a rare sunny day here in Maine (no, I haven't moved but the sunny days have been few & far between this spring. Forecast for this week - ALL week - you guessed it: rain.) I took my boys to a local park to play for a bit. They are always up for a park day whether we have friends to play with or not.

Just last year the town that this park is in redid the whole thing. Before it was a very old wooden structure without much for the kids to do but pick up splinters in their hands.

However, now they can play at being pirates....

speeding superheroes trying for lift-off....

or just looking cute for the camera for mom.


  1. We haven't had very many sunny days here yet either.

  2. So relating to the rare sunny days....where is REAL summer? Hopefully coming soon!


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