Friday, June 12, 2009


I spent the day on Monday at a local park taking photos. I brought along my boys and sent them off on a nature scavenger hunt to try to keep them occupied. That worked for the most part.

I was taking photos of adorable twin girls who are celebrating their second birthday on Saturday. It took a bit for them to warm up to me & they don't really like little boys but we overcame it & got some great photos - at least I think so.

Then I went home & started playing with them in Picnik. I don't have a regular photo editing program so I figured I'd try out this free one that is on-line. I had so much fun I finally had to make myself stop! I had taken just under 50 photos & by the time I was done playing I had doubled that number. I didn't even edit every single one.

Here is some of what I ended up doing...

This is the original photo.

This is the same photo with a "1960s" effect added to it.

I think this was my favorite effect for these photos. It's called "hdr-ish" & I think it makes them a bit cartoon-ish instead. I used this one a lot with these cuties.

This was another favorite. It's called "holga-ish" & it converts the photo to B&W & then adds a fade to the edges.

This was another favorite. It's an "infrared" effect, but I found by adjusting it some, I could get the look of a tinted B&W photo.

This one is just plain fun. It's called "cinema." I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

This is the original photo

This effect is called "lomo-ish." These photos took well to this one.

Their mom asked to set up this shot. This was close to the end of the shoot & they were having a great time at their tea set, "texting" friends on their play phones, and people watching. I like how I can add text in Picnik. I cal also add stickers & frames & so much more and it's all for free. That's probably the best part of all.


  1. I absolutely love Picnik. Between that and Picasa, I spend WAY too much time editing my photos. But it is so much fun!

    Great shots!

  2. great effects! Now you see why I loved playing with the pictures of your boys!

    My favorites are the Holga (from an old camera called a Holgaroid - I have a photoshop action that does that as well!) and the lomo...I also use that.

    Oh, and LOVED the chicken tractor...quite a contraption there!

  3. Love the pictures! The one of the girls having a tea party is my fav! I really need to try out an editing program again! I get side tracked and forget to edit any pics.

  4. Great job Lisa. Loved the pictures! Off to check out Picnik!

  5. Great photos, Lisa. I love all the special editing you did....I'll have to check out picnik when we're settled.

  6. Looks like a fun program.

  7. These pictures came out so beautifully! You are so talented. Now can you please teach me how to make my blog look as fancy as yours? : )

  8. Oops sorry, I didn't mean to post as anonymous!

  9. This is neat...I'll have to bookmark this site, thanks!


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