Monday, July 27, 2009

The Busy-Ness of Life

A friend of mine sent me this e-mail just recently:

I had a dream, well something of a nightmare actually, last night, that I walked into your house and your living room was absolutely buried in piles of books and games. I couldn't even get to your side of the room, but you smiled and said it was all just stuff you were going to review. I'm telling you, these piles reached the ceiling. So, we chatted for a while and then I nonchalantly asked, "So where's J?" You said, "I don't know" and then we started to panic and started to rip through all the piles, looking for J. We finally found him, laughing at the bottom of one of the piles. He smiled and explained that he'd gotten trapped under all the stuff.

Isn't that hilarious? I guess my subconscious mind is worried about you overloading yourself!

And I e-mailed her back to tell her that I understood what she meant & I really did think it was funny. While I still do, let's just peek at what the next two weeks look like for me. Actually, let me back up to Saturday.

  • Left the house at 9:30am to head to a friend's for an afternoon of BBQ & Board games
  • Left their at about 4:45pm to head to hubby's softball game.
  • Game ended around 7:45pm & we decided to check out the drive-in. G-Force & Up were playing - we stayed for both movies.
  • Arrived home around 12:30am
  • I slept until about 8am in bed but had to get up due to my back. I'm having a really stiff upper back right now that is quite painful. Finally coherent & moving around 9am
  • Hubby slept later....I won't tell on the blog here but it was much later!
  • I left here around 11am & spent 2-1/2 hours cleaning Grandma's house. I clean my hubby's grandparents house weekly for them. They are both too elderly to do heavy cleaning (washing sheets/making bed, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping). I always get a good workout.
  • Home by 1:30 - showered - changed
  • Hubby & I head out to a belated anniversary celebration
  • Movie & take-out (Chinese) & another movie
  • Trying to get caught up on laundry (load #4 is washing now & #3 is drying - it's almost 6pm & I started at 7am)
  • I had the neighbor's kids today - I'm helping them out until school starts as they both work. I have their two kids a couple times a week.
  • J took a 3 hour nap...trying to catch up from the weekend I think.
  • A field trip to our favorite museum - The Maine State Museum. We have to leave here around 8am & we'll be gone until about 4pm. The field trip is from 9-2.
  • A meeting of our MOPS Steering Team to plan out the new year. Don't worry, I'm actually helping to close out what I did this year & give ideas for next year. I'm stepping away from MOPS.
  • The possibility of another field trip at 1pm...still working on that. If not, we'll go get groceries.
  • Another field trip at the LC Bates Museum - another favorite of ours. This one is on rocks. It's only 2 hours & we're going with friends.
  • If I don't do my groceries on Wednesday afternoon, then I'll do them this afternoon instead.
  • Miss H & Mr H will be here for the day.
  • I'll be watching a friend's son for a few hours while she goes to a doc's appointment.
  • N & J will be going to a birthday party
  • Hubby's softball game
  • We have friend's coming from Massachusetts for a visit
Monday & Tuesday:
  • Most likely the neighbor kids will be here.
Wednesday & Thursday:
  • Miss H & Mr H here for an overnight while their mom has surgery
  • The BEST day of the month - my 2 hour pump upgrade class & I get to go LIVE at last!

Okay, so it looks like I'm a bit over scheduled, but really, this is not the normal here at all.

I have many other things on my to-do list as well. Things such as:
  • Clean off the table
  • Clean off the counters
  • Clean off computer desk (see a theme here???)
  • Sort/pull books to sell (lists upcoming!)
  • Make lesson plans for the new school year
  • Continue to work on TOS Crew curriculum so I can do my reviews
  • Continue reading Blog Tour books so I can post my opinion on those.
  • Work on presentation at the one-day homeschool workshop for August
But it always gets done. Right?

Actually, I should say here before I end, I know things are busy right now but that truly is one of the things I am working on. I know that in the next few weeks things will calm down & I'll find my routine. I'm working on the big things now. I'm figuring out those things that matter & those that can do without me at the moment. I'm learning what to day no to. But I have hope it's all going to work out just fine.


  1. Sorry about your back pain ... that makes everything seem like more, and makes us tired too! (Maybe you shouldn't be hoisting other people's toddlers around, : )Have I told you about my acupuncturist? Visit her here: No, it's not voodoo! How do you spell voodoo? She made a world of difference for my spine!

  2. WOW.. that's some list. I have to work really hard at keeping mine at a manageable length otherwise I have a tendency to overcommit! I'd love to review all the cool things you're reviewing, but I can barely keep up with reading the things I HAVE to read to keep up with what we are actually going to use in our homeschool.

    I'm sort of looking forward to fall so we can get back into a routine!


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