Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Birthday

My "baby" became a teenager today. It still feels amazing to me that I am the mom to a teenager. We set out to make the day special.

Since we were celebrating his birthday during the week, I was making the cake. Typically my MIL will make the cake for the boys & will do it in any shape they want AND does it better than me. However, since she works all day, I was making the cake this year. B wanted a "Lego" cake.

I ended up making a 9x13 white cake and chocolate cupcakes and the started constructing.

Yeah, I know.....I cut the 9x13 in half & layered it hoping it would look like two Lego blocks on top of each other. Then I added the cupcakes on top to look like the little thingies that hook Legos together. Yes, I realize there shouldn't be five but I wanted another cupcake on there. What can I say? I won't even tell you how many toothpicks were in each cupcake to hold it on there but I did have to warn everyone that took one to be careful when eating it - if that says anything.

B, however, loved his cake. But he loves any cake - at all - especially my homemade cake and especially birthday cake.

He really enjoyed what his grandparents gave him. His Grammy knits socks and B loves her knit socks. She makes him 1-2 pairs a year. The funny thing here - she only had one done so that's what she gave him, plus a box of Oreo Cakesters (another favorite) and she renewed his Zoo Books subscription.

This is B opening his gift from us. It's a small set of Legos. That's not why he's making this face though. Attached to the Legos is a small card stating that we finally bought him a subscription to the Lego Brickmaster magazine. I'm not sure, do you think he likes it?

Lastly, his Dad had to give him a "manly" gift since he's turning 13. He was given a nice razor and a can of shaving cream. I know for certain I am not ready for that gift and neither is B, but apparently hubby was given the same thing on his 13th birthday & wanted to follow tradition. The funny thing about that was that his Dad couldn't remember doing that to hubby! Everyone thought it a riot but poor B came up to me later to say he was slightly embarrassed about the whole thing. Poor kid, it's tough being a teenager I hear.

Happy 13th birthday, B!


  1. that is an AWESOME cake. I had to click off really fast so Adam didn't see it. He would be clamoring for it :)

    Happy B day!!

  2. LOL, I like the shaving kit gift! We are already teasing my eleven year son about this.

    Your cake looks much, much better than mine did. My daughter's birthday was over Labor Day weekend, and I ran out of cream cheese icing, so just drizzled it over the edges of my double layer cake! It was a little sad looking, but the kiddos did not mind at all. :)

    Happy belated birthday to your son! :)


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