Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review: Integritas Academy File Folder Games

A few weeks ago while reading blogs I came across a post about Integritas Academy. It’s a new venture by a homeschooling mom of seven children ages 8 down to 1 with a new one on the way. Shanna wanted to get the word out about her products & was looking for folks to review them for her. Since I love file folder games I jumped on this opportunity!

I was able to choose three to check out. The first was called “Parking Patterns” & is geared towards younger children. It teaches patterning which is a great pre-math skill. What I loved about this is that it’s a small file (five pages) & it was super easy to put together.

I’ve done file folder games quite a bit in the past & the one thing that can be discouraging (for moms) is cutting & laminating all the little pieces. I sat down one afternoon with a movie & put together two of these games for my kids who promptly snatched them up to play.

The second game I choose to review was called “AM or PM” which plays like a board game (There are four “time pieces” that are used as markers & you will need to add a dice. I actually keep extras on hand for times like this – check out your local dollar store – they typically sell them in packs of eight.) The players move around the board game & have to decide whether the time is AM or PM & moves are based upon the correctness of their decisions. There is a “cheat” spot to help them decide which to pick printed right on the game board. Repetition is really a great way to learn this and this game makes it fun.

Lastly I picked a game called “Buried Treasure” for a couple of reasons. One, I have boys, and two, it teaches direction as in north, south, east, or west. There are a number of cards included as well as four “treasure chests.” Players use the cards to “bury their treasure” on the board. Simple yet effective.

Compared to what I have used in the past, these were of much higher quality. The colors on them are great (and gave me a great reason to buy colored ink for my printer which I only do once or twice a year). The price is also extremely reasonable - $3 for each game. Don’t see the subject you’d like to cover? Shanna will even custom make a game for you for the same price!! Want more than one? You may want to consider the CD-ROM of 17 games for $15.

I also was able to get the “Name That State” game for free by signing up for Shanna’s newsletter. Everyone can do that right now by clicking HERE. (Scroll halfway down the page to the light blue box.)

I’m looking forward to using these this year with J’s school time (and possibly the older boys as well). I do know that N had just as much fun playing as J did. I thought this an excellent product.

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  1. That is cool... I'll have to check those out! :) Thanks for sharing!


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