Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Review: Amazing Bible Timeline with World History


True confession...I grew up in a Christian household. I accepted Christ at the young age of 8. That's not my true confession. This is...even though I read in my Bible then how the Romans were the ones who persecuted and crucified Christ I never made the connection that it was those Romans - you know the ones who had the coliseum and all that - until I was an adult. I never put them together. Bible stories and history were always completely separate from world history in my mind.

The Amazing Bible Timeline and Wold History map solves all of those above problems. This is one of the newest products I am reviewing for the TOS Homeschool Crew and I thought it was pretty neat (although there were many in the Crew who had a differing opinion about that).

It's big. Very big. As evidenced by the photo of my eight year old standing in front of it. I had to get a bit creative to find a spot to hang it for all to see. The sheet it is hanging on covers the windows in to the shop (they used to be outside - the shop is an addition hubby added). I put some binder clips on it & used safety pins to hang it up. Works great actually.

It does take a moment to orient oneself to how it works. There is a line that divides it in half. Everything on the right (as you look at it) is before Christ. The spot at the top is the moment of creation (as far as it can be determined - about 4000BC) & the spot directly opposite it is Christ's birth. Then each pie wedge explains what occurs throughout the world during that decade. Frankly, I found the entire thing fascinating and really cool. I plan to leave it hanging right where it is for the time being.

The Amazing Bible Timeline with World History map sells for $29.97. Your purchase also includes two free downloads. The first is an interactive map of the Holy Lands & the second is a digitized version of The Amazing Bible Timeline with World History.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. All opinions shared are my own. TOS Crew Members are given the product free of charge in order to review it.


  1. This looks awesome. One of the best supplements to our schooling was a Bible timeline that meshed with world history. As it was in paragraphs in date order, I was able to keep it in a notebook. I liked the additional historical facts which were tied in.

    Oh, I think your comments will not let me paste (not that your blog won't let me copy). The website is www.wordsight.org; click on Bible timeline on the left sidebar.

    One must tie in Bible and secular history together to have any working knowledge of history at all, don't you think?! (I know you do!)

  2. Thanks for the review. GREAT looking timeline map. Do you get to chose ahead of time what you review for them or do they just send you stuff? I wouldn't mind doing a few hs related reviews.


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