Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Review: Virginia Soaps & Scents


Might I just first say how thrilled I was to be reviewing something for the TOS Homeschool Crew that was not curriculum or going to take up a lot of time? What a fun break!

And the smell...oh the smell! It was so nice to receive such a sweet smelling box in the mail. I admit here that I'm pretty oblivious as to what's coming next from the Crew for us to review. It shows up, I add it to my "to do" list & keep plugging away. This does mean that everything is a surprise!

Virginia Soaps & Scents (VSS) sent out a box that included three bars of their handcrafted olive oil soap in their bed & breakfast size bars. I received fresh orange; oatmeal, milk & honey; and coconut lemongrass. I also received one of their shampoo bars (and I can't remember now the scent of it but I love it). And finally there was a laundry soap kit. There was also a nice long letter sharing how they started their company plus a brochure. So let me talk about each item...

The hand soap...($4.50 for a 4.5 oz. bar - discounts for buying more)
I have not used regular hand soap in some years. I admit to liking the ease of liquid soap. However, in recent years I have been trying to eliminate a lot of the yuckiness of modern life without loosing too much of the convenience. I know - a convenient environmentalist of sorts - kind of an oxymoron isn't it?

I took the fresh orange bar & placed it in our master bathroom & it's not bad. I love that these soaps are hand crafted. They are made by the family, packaged by the family, and sold by the family. They have plenty of helpers with nine children. Did I mention they are homeschoolers as well?

The shampoo bar...($5.50 for 5.5oz. bar discounts for buying more)
I had never heard of shampoo bars but I had been reading on some of the blogs I follow lately how some ladies were getting rid of the store bought shampoo and going with other concoctions due to the ingredients in the store bought stuff. While they liked the results - eventually - it wasn't something I wanted to try. Then I got the shampoo bar. Might I just say this without too many weird looks coming my way...I love it! My hair feels great. It feels truly clean. It's easy to use. I love the smell. And when my hair is "dirty" (i.e. I skip a shower & don't wash my hair), it still feels good. In other words, I'm going to be getting more of these!

The laundry soap kit...($4.95 for one kit that makes up 2 gallons of heavy laundry gel)
Here is an ironic story in regards to this kit. I have also been reading lately about making your own laundry soap - again the benefits are huge and the cost saving is just astronomical. I used to attend a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at my church. This year I am not going but offered to come in & do special speaking as needed. They asked me to come in at the end of September so I decided to talk about making up homemade laundry soap & other cleaners. I had gone out & bought the ingredients & whipped up my first 5 gallon bucket of the laundry soap on Tuesday night. On Wednesday afternoon - after MOPS was all over - I received the box from VSS with the laundry soap kit inside. Oh well! Once I finished up what I had left over from the MOPS demo, I made up the laundry soap kit I received (and just used the last of it yesterday). I loved it. Super easy. Smells great.

Virginia Soaps & Scents does not just make these three products. They also make:
  • Gourmet Soaps ($3.95 each - discounts for multiple items) And I really feel I should mention they have chocolate soap for sale right now. Seriously! Yum......................
  • Christmas Scents ($5 each) They have several different scents there right now (peppermint, pumpkin, etc.)
  • All-in-One-Body-Bars ($4.50 each) These bars are good for all of it - shampoo, body wash, or shaving. Great for traveling.
  • Unscented sampler kit ($16.95) which includes a bath bar, shampoo bar, talc-free powder, and body butter. Be sure to check on the individual pages to buy them separately.
  • Bath & Body ($4.95 each) This page includes body butter (10 scents in 4 oz. jars), apricot scrub (4 oz), moisture cream (4 oz), shea butter balm (4 oz) and perfumed powder in six scents (4 oz powder box) which is either talc-free or French talc.
  • Shaving Soap Cubes ($4.95 for two 2 inch cubes) Works for either men or women. The men's scent is sandalwood and the ladies is Caribbean breeze.
  • Lip Balm ($1.45 each) It comes in five flavors.
  • Lavender Linen Spray ($3.50 each) Spritz it on your sheets and pillows for a soothing night sleep.
  • Pet Shampoo ($5.50 for a 5 oz bar) Don't forget Fido or Fluffy! There's even a shampoo bar for the four legged member of your family.
  • Sampler page (various prices) Still not sure what you want or what scent you'd like best? Check out the sampler page & buy smaller bars (which is what The TOS Homeschool Crew received) and find a favorite. These also make good gifts.
I plan on supporting this homeschooling family as they continue to grown their home-grown business.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. All opinions shared are my own. TOS Crew Members are given the product free of charge in order to review it.


  1. Okay, I'm jealous! We didn't get this on last year's Crew! LOL

    Sounds like a great idea for Christmas gifts.

  2. Ever tried Goat's Milk Soap??

  3. fun!! and i must say you did a fabulous job at MOPS doing your laundry demo. i bought the bar of what-ever-its-called yellow soap. it's great at getting out stains! gotta make my own batch. not looking forward to shaving the soap though... so you suggest i don't do it after kickboxing, right? :)


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