Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

Ah - a new weekly meme - go here to check out more.

The meme is pretty simple. Share five things from the past week that have made your smile, made you happy, or brightened your overall outlook - my interpretation of the rules.

1. Hardworking sons - Maine finally received it's first significant snowfall of the season. Um, not that I was complaining, but it arrived without asking me. That meant that the pathways around the house and the area we park needed to be cleared. My oldest son took on three of the paths & my middle son (who is probably the hardest little worker I've ever seen) argued with B13 over which paths he would get to do! By the time it was all said and done, everyone had their turn. Today I bought kid-sized shovels for the two younger ones so they'll be prepared for the next storm.

2. Patience - last week my hubby wanted me to buy the item we'd been discussing for his Christmas gift (snowshoes - yes, he picked out the exact ones he wanted). However, he had sent me a link for a different pair on eBay & I had already bid on them. I told him we'd wait to see what happened with those before buying a new pair. Then he decided he really wanted the newer pair from Cabela's so I let the auction go - thankfully I was outbid. I went to buy the pair he wanted yesterday & they were on sale. The price had dropped $50 plus I had a coupon code for $20 off. Sweet sweet deal on them. That made me happy.

3. Paperback Swap - I've  been sitting on over 13 credits at PBS and I've been without good reading material for over a week. In other words, I've been dying! So I solicited some authors from my Facebook friends & just spent six credits at PBS. The first book just arrived today. I chose the "Blossom Street" series from Debbie Macomber. I ordered all five books in that series plus a book by Greg Iles that I hadn't read yet.

4. Laughing babies - This was my last week for the winter with Mr & Miss H. They will be home with their dad for the winter. Mr. H has a great baby giggle. It must be hereditary as Miss H has the same one. I spent some time on Thursday making him laugh & giggle just so I could too.

5. Deer visiting our yard - in the winter - once the snow comes - it's hard for the deer to find food. We have a herd that hangs out since we feed them. We love watching them. Today we had eight does and fawns in our yard. One momma has twins. I even managed to open my front door and sneak a few shots.


  1. I wish some of my books on PBS would be picked up so that I can get a few more credits!

  2. Love your list Lisa! So glad to see you joined.


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