Monday, March 15, 2010


Saturday found us hanging out most of the day at a local community college. Our AWANA group was meeting there with other groups from around the state to participate in the AWANA games. J6 would be participating in the Spark-O-Rama and N8 would be playing the AWANA Games for T&T. I didn't go last year but I couldn't get out of it this year. Hubby is a coach so it's helpful for him to have someone there for our boys. Overall it wasn't bad but it was just loud very loud and there were a ton of people in a small area. I don't particularly enjoy loud places or lots of people in small spaces.

I did get a few photos but since I couldn't get all that close to the playing area - I have a lot of various other kids in them and I try not to post those to my blog. However, I'm making an exception here since they are all moving so fast. I took a video of the "Sparky Crawl." I'll explain it a bit after...

AWANA games are played on a square. Each side has a color: red, yellow, blue, and green. For the Sparky Crawl, all the players for each color line up on their colored line of the square. On the whistle they all have to crawl to the opposite side of where they are. The last person to get to their side, jumps up and runs in to the middle. In the middle there is a bowling pin sitting on a bean bag. The first person in grabs the pin for first place and the next grabs the bean bag. In the video, J6 is the little boy with the blue shirt and black pants with a red stripe. He didn't realize the other little boys had run to the middle first. He wasn't mad - he was celebrating their win.

J6's Sparky team took first place. They played seven different games. They had six different teams so they had two "flights" and three teams played at once.

This is how B13 spent most of his day and N8 spent most of his morning:

Because there are about 12-15 kids on a team and they only play so many players at once, not every child plays every game. N8 kept reminding us after that he only got to play three games. He did the three legged race and unfortunately they were trying to be careful and a team behind them passed them. This meant they had to step off and were unable to complete the race. N8 was pretty upset about this (and I was pretty confused but I don't normally watch Game Time since I'm a secretary for our AWANA group). 

Hubby hooking N8's leg to his teammates for the 3-legged race.

N8's T&T group came in fourth. They had eight teams so two "flights." All-in-all it was a good day albeit a long day. I sat with friends and that helped the time go by fast. The boys really seemed to have a good time as did hubby who coached the Sparky team and helped out with the T&T team.

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  1. Do all AWANA clubs do a Super Saturday on the same day? Our son went to the Awana SS last weekend as well...


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