Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Fave Five - 3/12

1. Listening to my son sing. During our school time we sing the National Anthem. Repetition is key in learning songs in my opinion. I've recently noticed that N8 keeps pitch and tone with me. We actually sound pretty good together. He also has started singing along to the radio while we're driving. I'm sure I drive my boys nutty when a good song comes on. I turn it up and belt it out. Thankfully I can actually sing. I've been playing the newest Casting Crowns CD a lot in the last few months per N8's request. He can pretty much sing all those songs. Just last night though, I heard him quietly singing a praise and worship song that came on. One we sing in church on occasion. It made my night.

2. A creative and supportive hubby. This week has been full of surprises here at the Berry Patch. We moved back "home" almost six years ago now. We live in a trailer on the family property right next to Great-Grandpa and my hubby's parents. We love it here. The plan has always been to build our own house. In fact, my FIL bought a portable sawmill and our house plans played a role in that purchase (as did his future retirement plans). However, the time frame on it all has been frustrating. It will be at least another five or more years before the house would actually be done. Did I mention our oldest son is now 13?? Given the time frame and the estimated cost (about $150,000 - even with doing most of the labor ourselves and providing our own lumber off the land), it just seemed so out of reach. So I proposed to hubby this weekend that instead of a house, let's add an addition to our trailer. I originally was just asking for a school room/play room/craft room. 

Hubby sketched up a model in which this happened. Then we started to brainstorm. The final result:
  • the new addition will house a new 8'x14' bedroom for B13 (his current bedroom is about 8'x7' - tiny!)
  • the new addition will also house a new master bedroom - about 11'x19' with an alcove not included in those dimensions.
  • a 15' hallway will connect this addition to the main trailer. Along that hallway will be built in bookcases!!!
  • B13's old bedroom will become my crafting room - psyched!
  • Our old master bedroom will become the homeschool/daycare space
(click on image to see it larger)

I'm imagining all the room our living will have once this is all done. All the books will be in the hallway bookcases. The computer desk will be in the homeschool room. We might actually have room for a recliner instead of just a couch in our living room! We know it will be a lot of work but so worth it. So what does this have to do with my hubby being creative and supportive? He designed it and and we'll build it all. As much as I know he wants a house, he supports the decision to do the addition instead. 

3. The flexibility of homeschooling. I decided last night that I was going to give the boys the day off today. I'm in desperate need of doing some major cleaning here. So far this morning I've watched our sheets and hung them out to dry (see #4), more laundry is going, I decluttered a really bad spot beside my computer desk, I'm working on pulling books to sell at my upcoming used book sale, phew! So much more to do though!

4. Warm spring days. We've been having warmer weather than normal for this time of year. Not that I am complaining! In fact, we've had only six inches of snow fall since the beginning of February. Odd weather. Again, not complaining! It is going to be sunny and warm again today - almost 50! So I washed the bedding and hung it out to dry. Ahhhh....nothing better than sun-dried laundry.

Even the chickens are enjoying the warm weather. We started letting them out this past weekend. They are loving their big yard again!

5. Disappearing snow banks. I love spring.


  1. Like your excitment about all the new living space... but don't kid yourself. It'll get filled with junk. Again.

    (the word I had to type to get this to post was "porkin". heh heh)

  2. I love sun-dried laundry, too!

    Your remodeling plans look great. I'm sure it will be wonderful for you.

  3. I love to worship, but I can not carry a tune! It was especially fun hearing about your singing time. Also, love your chicks, they are so cute!!!

  4. We all love spring! Your plan for a house sounds wonderful, even if its not what you envisioned at first. Its so fun to dream about5 our homes.

    Sounds like a good week.

  5. I love sun dried bedding. That is how my mom used to do it all the time.

    A new addition. How exciting. Planning all that is always so much fun.

  6. I am hoping to hang sheets out later this week. In West Virginia, we have had over 80 inches of snow since Dec. 18th. It is almost gone, but has been raining the past few days. I bought a bright pink pair of boots to wear until the mud dries. Can't wait to have fresh bedding.

    I love the addition plans. We did this for our house in the late 70's rather than build. We doubled the space. I still love it!

  7. Really like the plans! It's fun to customize and make the space your own.


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