Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just Life

The last few days have been busy and that is such an understatement!

This past weekend my nephew was here for two nights. This always throws off schedules just a bit. The boys stay up too late chatting and then get up far too early in the morning. It makes them all tired and me too!

Monday found us doing our regular school work. I also went off to clean hubby's grandparent's house. I do this for them weekly (and yes, they do pay me) and I try to do it on the weekend. But when I have a lot of stuff going on during the weekend, I'll try to get to it on a Monday or Friday. This week it was a Monday. I clean during lunch as they go out to eat. It's easier to clean when they aren't home.

When I got home I had about forty-five minutes to eat a late lunch and shower before we needed to be back on the road again. We were headed north to the orthodontist to find out what it was going to take to fix N8's teeth. Ugh.

Tuesday found us going west to an art class for school. That was a blast! But the class was from 10-11:30 & it took about an hour to get there. My sister came back here to visit for a while and that is always nice. We started planning a memorial get together for our Mom. Sunday marks the one year anniversary of her death. We planned out the food and let the siblings know. I'm working on putting together a digital photo book of her.

Today we had our homeschool co-op and went to see a play. Then did groceries. Phew! One really fun thing about today? When we finally got home (we left at 8am and got back at 4pm) there was a really big box sitting in my kitchen waiting for me (thanks to Grandpa!). Guess what was inside???

Remember me mentioning an order I had placed with Educators Outlet a few weeks ago? It came today! Only one item was sold out (the messy mats which I really did want). We received:
  • Lacing Cards (for Mr. & Miss H)
  • Plot and Plan board game (ages 7 & up)
  • Fraction Sandwich game
  • Giant Sequencing buttons (for Mr. & Miss H)
  • Number Grid Abacus
  • Mosaic Peg a Picture Set
  • Connections board game (for J6 & probably Miss H)
  • What's Up Duck board game
  • Duello board game
  • Math Ring-O-Link game
  • King Paper board game (plays like Rock-Paper-Scissors)
  • Round Up board game
  • Were Does it Come From? matching game
Phew! All that for just over $26 plus shipping. They are still having the sale. Click here and scroll through all the pages. The final prices were actually lower than the prices shown. So go get shopping!

The rest of the week looks relatively quiet. We still have AWANA tomorrow night and Bible study on Friday night. The big even this weekend is the AWANA games on Saturday. I really don't want to go (I'm not big on loud, continuous, noisy events) but seeing as hubby is a coach, I'll be there corralling our kiddos.


  1. Fun package and such a great deal! I had family in this week, and grandma bought lacing cards for my four year old.

  2. Holy smokes thanks for sharing! I'm shopping there right now!


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