Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Daybook

FOR TODAY...Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outside my window...the sun is shining. It's a beautiful spring day here in Maine.

I am thinking...things are moving ahead with our addition plans. Hubby spent the weekend cutting down trees and making lumber. We have a nice stack under the car port.

I am thankful for...for friends. One wonderful friend is letting me borrow her DSLR for the next two weeks in anticipation of a wedding I've been asked to do next week. 

From the learning rooms...I've changed things up this week and I like how it's working. We're not hitting all the basics but we're having FUN and we need that this time of year! I start the day "rowing" with J6 and Miss H. Miss H is not quite 3 so she just does what she can. We're doing The Story About Ping right now and using Homeschool Share to create a "lap-notebook." Then we're doing "Together School" which covers read alouds, hymn study, Bible, and history. After that I sit at the table with N9 and work on a train unit study from Amanda Bennett. We're creating a notebook of what we're learning. And B13 is doing a lapbook of the Narnia books. He's working on the Magician's Nephew right now. School is fun.

From the kitchen...nothing! I worked hard in there last week. Hubby is gone every night this week so the kitchen is pretty quiet.

I am wearing...summer crocs, jeans, T-shirt. I need to dig out my capri's and such. The warmer weather is finally here.

I am creating...editing photos (wedding & newborn) that need to be done ASAP. I'm heading out for a weekend away - without my family - to spend time scrapbooking. I'll work on the boys school album plus do some more photo editing. I have another wedding to shoot next week.

I am going...to try to enjoy the crazy baseball season. 

I am reading... The Mark of the Lion series - I'm on the 2nd book right now. I love this series. It's by Francine Rivers. If you've never read it, I highly recommend it!

I am hoping...the addition is built easily, quickly, and without arguments.

I am hearing...the hum of the computer and the low drone of the TV. What can I say? It is a beautiful day though and they will be going outside very soon to enjoy it.

Around the house...working on decluttering and getting things put away or given away. It seems never ending but I know it isn't.

One of my favorite things...Diet Mt. Dew. My biggest addiction. One I know I should get rid of. Every time I try I only last a little bit before giving in. I'll keep working at it - maybe.

A few plans for the rest of the week: In my book it's a relatively quiet week.....
Tuesday: J6 has a baseball game tonight. My sister should be arriving any minute for a visit. Hubby is gone tonight as he plays his first softball game of the season with our church league.
Wednesday: Co-op in the AM. Then immediately after a field trip for our 4-H group. We'll be heading to the Maine State Police Academy to meet up with their K-9 trainer. Our group project is about service dogs. N9 has a game this evening. Miss H & Mr. H are spending the night tonight as their mom is doing something that I now can't remember but asked me to help out so I am.
Thursday: Our last AWANA of the year! I'm the secretary for Cubbies & Sparks so this will mean a very busy night. It's also "Step-Up" night for Cubbies so we could have a lot of new ones although we typically only have 1-2. Very busy!
Friday: I'll clean Grandma's house a day early and the head out to NH for my weekend away. Hubby is taking the day off which helps immensely. I have the day off from H&H too.
Saturday: I'll be gone in NH for the weekend. It does mean I'll miss our AWANA Closing night. I'm bummed slightly as it was suppose to be on Sunday night and it got moved to Saturday.

This weekend is pretty busy at our church. We have a pastoral candidate coming from Thursday through Sunday and there are a lot of things planned at and around the church in order to meet him and his family.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

They grow up so fast! They are now living outside but we still have the heat lamp set up. Hubby was done with them making a mess in his shop area. They are dusty little things.


  1. Have a fantastic time during your getaway. Love the photo!

  2. Hannah is on the last book of the Chronicles. She took it upon herself to read the series. In 3rd grade! Her teacher is quite impressed with her reading AND comprehension. She started 3rd grade reading at end of 3rd/beginning 4th grade level. She's ending 3rd grade reading at solid 5th, early 6th grade level.


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