Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Fave Five - 7/9

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#1 My hubby was home Monday. It was nice to have an extra day home with hubby this week.

#2 Shooting off morning glories with the kids. I just posted photos yesterday. While we didn't get out to see fireworks, we still enjoyed a fun 4th of July - at home.

#3 My air conditioner! Oh boy - this thing has been working hard this week. It's been hot and humid here in Maine and I don't do well in either of those conditions. And the best part...the AC was given to us for free. What a blessing! We had an old unit that was loud and heavy (and again - free to us). This keeps our living room and kitchen area nice and cool. I did go out mid-week and bought some more fans though. The boys each gained a second one as did I. Life is much cooler now.

#4 Ice-Cream. My boys informed me that it was "National Ice-Cream" Day yesterday. It was actually National Ice-Cream Sundae day. I had already been out and didn't want to leave the coolness of the house (my truck's AC is not currently working) so I called hubby. He agreed to stop and get a 1/2 gallon along with some cones. He scored big points with his boys (and wife!) last night.

#5 Bible in 90 Days So far so good. I started this challenge again. I did it back in January but only managed to complete reading the Old Testament. I'm on target and taking time each morning to not only do this reading (12 pages a day) but also the Bible Study I'm working on for my weight loss class. I found a local First Place 4 Health class and started that a couple weeks ago.


  1. Love having the hubby home! I second the ac and fans! Ceiling fans are a must for our houses! Plus we keep floor fans going, too. With the ice cream you should try putting a cutting board in the freezer for a bit, get some candy, freeze it and then pound it up. Then mix it all up on the cold cutting board and put it in a cone! Yummy!!

  2. Lisa - glad to hear the reading is going well for you! :) It's a lot!! You can do it!! :)

  3. I'm so impressed with those who can do this bible in 90 days challenge! That is incredible!

    Ice Cream and air conditioning when it's very hot out? Awesome! A hubby who goes out to get the ice cream? Priceless!

  4. What a great post! I've seen this meme a couple different places and really like it...might have to join in too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know scheduling & planning will get easier...I have been wondering if it would, or not. :-)


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