Saturday, August 28, 2010

WHAT an adventure!

The state of Maine started a neat program this year. It’s a passport for all of the state parks. You can pick one up for free at any state park. My sister and another great friend of ours has been busily collecting stamps all summer. When I went to Reid State Park last week with friends, we finally picked up ours and collected our first stamp.


This week my sister and I headed to Mt. Blue State Park. I arrived a little bit before my sister so we got out to explore. It was an overcast day but warm enough. There was a huge stump at the picnic area so I figured I’d take the chance and get a photo op of the boys.

Shortly after she arrived we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch. Then the three younger boys (my nephew included) had to go swimming. We pretty much had the beach and water to ourselves. Who am I kidding? We pretty  much had the whole park to ourselves. It was delightfully empty.

It was about twenty or so minutes later when my sister realized she didn’t know where her truck keys were. Uh-Oh!

Yup, they were still in the truck. Oh, why yes, the truck was locked! In her defense, she had sent my nephew back to the truck to change and in his rush to go swimming with his cousins, he left the keys in the truck and locked it back up.

We tried calling her hubby to get her AAA information (since her phone, AAA card and everything else was locked in the truck). The only problem? Cell service was very spotty. We flagged down a park worker who assured us this happens all the time and they would be more than happy to call a wrecker for us if needed.

Right by the beach was a wonderful wooden bench swing. I would love to sit there and enjoy the day. The boys….not so much….
  • N9 is pouting because we made them stop swimming.
  • Why yes, B14 is wearing his winter coat with his shorts. He was cold or so he said. Yes, it is August in Maine.
  • J6 was happy – thankfully.
  • My nephew – he was being himself.
We decided to make the best of a poor situation.  There was suppose to be a nature center at the park so off we headed on the trails along the beach to find it.


Since the keys were locked in the truck, we did make my nephew walk up the trail barefoot (his shoes were in the truck) and a wet swimsuit (his dry clothes were in the truck). There was some whining and complaining but not much that was tolerated.

After walking for about 10 minutes on the trails. We found the nature center. It was closed. ::sigh::

Since my cell phone still didn’t have coverage we headed to the park check in. Thankfully there was a pay phone and my sister could check in with her hubby. He already had a wrecker on the way (she was able to talk to him briefly at the beach before the call was dropped).

We headed back to the beach and not a moment too soon. It started to rain. And not just rain but pour. I really can’t complain about that since it’s been such a hot and sunny summer. The rain is very much needed. Shortly after the wrecker showed up and my sister had her keys about two minutes later.

We decided to call it a day and headed home. Definitely an adventure and one I’m sure we’ll all remember.

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  1. This sounds like a great the boys are getting so big.


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