Saturday, August 28, 2010

Three and a half inches!


Today we celebrated the 14th birthday of our oldest son. I still shake my head in amazement that he’s that old. Okay, I’m just really amazed I’m that old!

This boy loves whoopie pies. Loves them! Our local grocery store makes a huge “whoopie pie” cake so I bought one plus a dozen small ones. Yes, I know I could have made them. I was just lazy didn't want to out of time. He was thrilled.

I thought it hilarious that it had “Big Whoop” on the top. “Big whoop that you’re 14 now!” He thought it hilarious.

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After we all enjoyed a nice slice of whoopie cake and vanilla ice-cream, it was present time.

Hubby & I gave him this camo winter coat. We picked it up dirt cheap at Dick’s Sporting Goods last month. We also gave him some winter camo gloves too.

He also received a box of .22 bullets. This is pretty appropriate along with the coat and gloves since B14 wants to start hunting with this dad. In fact, B14 & I just completed a Hunter’s Safety course today (we both passed).

blog4A gift of his fave treats….Oreo Cakesters and Juicy Fruit gum. We also renewed his Brickmaster subscription to Lego.

His Dad wasn’t home last night when his parents came over to give B14 his gifts from them. They also gave him a box of Oreo Cakesters. While B14 and I were at our class today, his Dad and brothers ate the rest of the box. He didn’t realize they were Ben’s gift. However, his brothers did and never said anything until B14 got home – to him! Oh well – a new box and everyone knows who they belong to!

As for the title of this post? Every year on the boys birthday we mark their height on a board in our hallway. Yeah, that’s how much B14 has grown in the last year….three and a half inches! Amazing.


  1. Happy Birthday! Oh how they grow so quickly! Thanks for sharing the day with us!

  2. Happy Birthday! What a great celebration.


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