Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hopping to the End

And today marks the last giveaway. I hope you have all had fun helping me celebrate The Berry Patch. I'll be busy working on figuring out winners Saturday afternoon. But I have one last giveaway....

This little green frog was sitting on the rock that is just outside our door one day when we arrived home. I snapped a quick photo before it decided to hop away. I then created this framed design when my Mom was ill. I had seen the phrase online somewhere and remembered my froggie photo.

The winner of today's giveaway will receive the above design in an 8-1/2x11 frame.

Today I'm going to make is super easy to enter....

Just leave ONE comment and tell me about one of your biggest milestones in your life.

Be sure to check back to see who won. I won't be posting late until Saturday as we have a busy day scheduled.


  1. Okay - well, this wasn't suppose to go up until Friday morning, but enjoy the early posting. I hit publish before changing the date. ;-)

  2. heehee! I hate when that happens.

    My biggest milestone was when we were having multiple miscarriages and it looked like we weren't going to have kids to just let go and let God be God and believe in His goodness and love for me.

  3. OH MY GOSH...This is God's timing that you have this up here. I am re-branding my business, after a considerable amount of prayer, and guess what I named it: The Happy Frog. After many months of prayer, a friend told me to fully rely on God, so I did, which I was happy to do. Henceforth, The Happy Frog. It's been a big milestone for me because I'm specializing in children, plus this whole experience has led me closer to God (which is what He wanted...)

    (God's) Timing is everything.....


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