Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Dozen - 9/22

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1. Have you, or has someone close to you, ever won an award for anything? Nope. At least not that I can think of off the top of my head. Although, I did enter some photos in the local county fair this summer and I won a 2nd & 3rd ribbon for two of them. That's not really an award though.

2. Who is the nearest relative to you who has served in the US Military? Both my brothers. They were both in the Navy. My oldest brother served 18 years (I think) and then finished up his time in the reserves. My other brother served 5-6 years (I think).

3. Share something that stirs the patriotic spirit in you. Hearing the national anthem sang really well which is tough to do.

4. Where are you in the birth order in your family? Do you think your "placement" made a difference in your personality? Funny - my hubby & I were just talking about this tonight. He is the oldest in his family (of three siblings). I am #4 out of 5 siblings but there is a four year gap between my brother & I. In a way I'm also like an older child. As for affecting personality - absolutely. I see it a lot in people and can typically pick out where they are in birth order.

5. Name one trait you hope you carry that was evidenced in your parents or grandparents. Hard worker.

6. If female, do you prefer wearing a skirt or pants? If male, shirt and tie or polo? Pants. I have tried going skirts "only" at a time or two (for my own reason) but pants are just more comfortable for me right now.

7. Approximately how many times do you wake during the night? What do you do to go back to sleep? It depends on how tired I am. Most nights I do not wake until morning but I will lay there dozing for as long as I can get away with then. If I do wake at night, I typically can fall right back to sleep. My issue is sleeping going to bed in the first place.

8. Share a favorite movie quote. "Squirrel!!!" 

9. What is your favorite Fall candle scent? Pumpkin pie or cinnamon

10. What is one Fall activity you're looking forward to? Either going to the corn maze or apple picking.

11. Tell us about a pleasant surprise that happened to you recently. Sadly, I can't think of one.

12. What was it like when you first met your in-laws-to-be?  I'm pleading old age. Obviously nothing stands out. I don't remember our first meeting or being nervous or anything like that. I know that they were (and are) a "huggy" family. Everyone typically hugs "hello" and "goodbye." I am so not a huggy-type person (I'm getting better) but that was tough to get used to. My in-laws are amazing people and I'm very blessed to have ones I like and get along with so well. Especially since they live across the driveway from me!


  1. Visiting from Random Dozen. I like to visit a couple of people whose links are close to mine in the linky list. So here I am. I am also a TOS Crew member. Great answers. I especially liked #4, 10 and 12.

  2. Great answers! Yes, I think those ribbons for your pictures count! Oh btw I got the frog picture and it was just fine!!


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