Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hot 100 - Update #13

Merry Christmas to one and all!!! This week has probably been one of my worst yet. Blah! I'm completely and totally blaming it on the holidays. My schedule this week has been very crazy busy and the extra holiday goodies have not helped at all - neither has the stress.

Last week goals:
  • Stay off the DMD! Drink water and tea only with an occasional Fuze or Life Water.  I had a total of about three DMD's this week. I found myself reaching for them as a reflex. I'll be working on this more.
  • Sleep! Get to sleep! Head to bed when hubby does. (He has to be up by 5am for work so he typically is in bed before 10pm.)  I did stay up Tuesday night to see the lunar eclipse. I was up until 2am when I finally realized we had total cloud cover and nothing could be seen. I had no other really late nights but I know I had at least one where I was up past 11. Most nights found me in bed by then so I am getting better on this one.
  • Exercise - three days this week - 30 mins. Plan to use my Biggest Loser Wii game plus my Biggest Loser DVD using that for weight training. Zip, Zero, zilch, nada. I will be adding this in.
While the "Hot 100" challenge will be ending next week, I will be continuing on this journey. I have committed verbally to riding the Trek Across Maine in 2012 and being "Fit by 40" which happens in 2011. All of these goals will be met. I have made myself accountable here and with my family. 

Next week's goals will be.....
  • Stay off the DMD! Drink water and tea only with an occasional Fuze or Life Water.
  • Bed by 11pm every night.
  • Begin a journal/diary/record of my life.
Here's to a great day!

I wanted to leave you all with this little nugget of truth I read on MercyMe's Facebook page....

My mom in law told me it's not how it's wrapped, it's what's inside. Everytime I look in the mirror I'm reminded of this nugget of truth (via @bartmillard) (Bart Millard - lead singer of MercyMe)

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  1. You can do it!

    This is my year too, I am up about 6 lbs since our travels and Christmas, but I am determined tonget back to the routine and stay the course. I need to come up with some catchy titles for my goals...repeating that can help motivation. I had a cardio goal and ticker....but maybe I'll think in terms of by 48 doesn't really have that ring. ::snort:: Great by 48....but I think I'm great even if I don't make the goal.grin


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