Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keeping Baby Safe

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The minute we, as moms, know we are expecting a baby, that's the first thing we want to do. Keep them safe. We worry about what we are eating and all of the things that might go wrong. Then once our little one is finally here we just ramp up that worrying a bit more.

All of my boys are now way past the baby stage - unfortunately. My youngest will soon be turning seven, but let me share something with you. As much as I wanted to nurse each and every one of my boys until they wanted to stop (I was hoping for at least a year with each) that didn't happy for a number of reasons. 

My oldest weaned himself at ten months after I went back to work. He was in daycare all day and that was all it took for both of us. I know you aren't suppose to introduce milk until they are at least a year due to allergies but I couldn't see buying formula for two months so that's what he switched to. At 14 he still loves it.

My second son was born during the time I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. When he was four months old my milk simply vanished. Since I was dealing with the news of a chronic illness, I decided not to try to continue nursing. He was soon taking formula instead.

My last son spent a week in the NICU and my milk never fully came in. I'm sure the stress of the situation contributed to it as well. After trying for six weeks to nurse him and having to use a nursing supplement (i.e. formula), he was also soon taking formula all the time. 

Let me just stop for a second here and say this..."breast is best." I would encourage all mothers to try breastfeeding. If I knew then what I know now, I would have fought through it and nursed them all for at least a year. If I had had the support I needed, I think I could have been more successful in my goal to nurse my children. Instead, I turned to formula. As sad as it made me at the time, I also knew that it was safe. 

The FDA ensures that all formula, even if it's a store brand formula, is safe for your child. You can read all about the Infant Formula Act HERE. In fact, that is what I used. Why? Simply cost. Babies, as anyone who has one will know, are expensive! From diapers to wipes to clothes, you name it, it can really add up and fast! Using a store brand formula (like Parent's Choice - the one I used most frequently) can save you up to $500 or more a year! Check out their $avings Calculator to see the difference. 

I never worried about giving my sons formula.  I think making a switch to generic formula can be more than just cost effective as well. Keeping our babies safe is really what it's all about.

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