Wednesday, January 5, 2011



uBaby is a new online community for mothers and moms to be. The site has a particular focus on helping every woman to have an active and healthy pregnancy, but it also offers topics ranging from trying to conceive to potty training. If you are a mother of young children, you can probably find something that interests you at uBaby.

Do we really need another website about having and raising babies? There are certainly many of them out there already. But what’s interesting about uBaby is that it is a website for moms, written by moms.

uBaby offers bloggers the opportunity to spread their wisdom around the web. If you are a blogger, and you would like to attract some new readers, visitors, and friends via uBaby, you can register at the site (no tricks or traps) and you will be able to blog directly on their site.

And you will be able to share your wisdom with other mothers. I don’t know about you, but I like the thought that maybe my words could encourage other mothers. Sometimes I get discouraged reading the “expert parenting advice” that I can’t possibly live up to. At uBaby, nobody’s perfect, and everybody is honest. (At least, I think they are honest – if not, then they’ve fooled me!) Sometimes I enjoy hearing from the moms “in the trenches” instead of the pediatricians and psychologists.

uBaby can help you build your blogging portfolio, and you are welcome to include some biographical information and to link back to your own site! So, whether you want to read or write, or both, I hope to see you there!

Guest post contributed by Robin.


  1. I sent the link for uBaby to my granddaughter-in-law who is in labor as we speak. She was so glad to know about it. She is using a midwife and a birthing center. I hope we welcome our great granddaughter tomorrow. Her name is Opal, after my own mother. Thanks for the information.

    Wilma in WV

  2. Opal was born last night a a birthing center. The new family came home today about noon. Eight pounds, two ounces, 23 inches to a mama who is only 4'11".

    I also ordered two of the games you recommended for my son's family. They played Wits and Wagers tonight and loved it. There are 6 children in that family, ages 12-5.


    Wilma in WV

  3. Congrats on the new little one! How exciting! And I love the name. ;-) So glad your son's family liked Wits and Wagers. That is one of our new favorites!


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