Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - with lots of snow....

It's been a pretty cold and snowy week around here but that certainly didn't stop my boys from enjoying life to the fullest!

On Monday my sister and nephew headed up to spend the day here with us. We have been attempting a twice monthly fine arts co-op. The morning is spent studying instruments and composers. Today we checked out the saxophone and the trumpet. Since we own a trumpet I, of course, brought that out for the boys to see in real life. Unfortunately, there were too many illnesses going around (which will seem a bit odd in a minute) so I was the only one to give it a try. It sounded like a dying duck - just saying. In my defense, it's been well over 20 years since I've played a brass instrument so I was just impressed I made any sound at all!

Tuesday was a relatively routine day but our schedule was moved around a bit so it threw us off a tad. Some things didn't get accomplished as normally would have been. The reason? Snow. And lots of it. As a result we moved our piano lessons from the afternoon to the morning. When we left it was just starting to snow and by the time we came home (we arrived home when we normally would have been starting lessons) our portion of the road hadn't even been plowed yet. So thankful I have 4-wheel drive on days like that. There was about six inches in the road and our driveway at that point. We ended up with about 10 inches total. And we still had to get wood from the barn. We keep it stacked outside our trailer and the boys keep both that area and the woodbox inside full. I took pity on them and used my truck to haul the wood down.

This will last us 2-3 days (it lasted until Friday...when we had more snow!)

The boys had a blast on Wednesday when I let them take a SNOW DAY! That's pretty much unheard of around here. And yes, it was the day after the snow storm so everything was plowed and nice outside. No blowing snow in their faces and the driveway was perfect for this.....

Of course it did start snowing again in the afternoon. We ended up with about another 3-4 inches. I did mention this was the "snow edition" of weekly wrap-up correct? Our afternoon was also spent at a "chicken pox" party. I'll let you know how that turns out in a few weeks. Neither of my younger boys have had it and I want them to have natural immunity to it.

Thursday was a typical day. Really - not a lot to report other than school work being accomplished.

As promised Friday served up another big round of snow (about another 10 inches fell). Yes, I realize there are other parts of the country who are getting far more than us, but really - three storms in a week? Oh yeah, we live in Maine. I should be used to it. We spent today doing a lot of fun school things including starting a big geography project. Here is what my end of the table looked like:

I'd like to claim the water bottle, but I had a SoBee Life water on the freezer beside me. It's a bit tight doing table work with the freezer there but I am very thankful we have it. We pull the table out past it so all four of us can fit around it and I push it back when we're done. Not exactly convenient but it works for now.

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  1. Yup - wasn't all that snow WONDERFUL? LOL But we "plowed" through 5 days of school just the school! (I know - bad pun! LOL)


  2. We had snow this week, too, though not nearly as much as you since we're in Arkansas:) We also had a lot of fun playing in it since it's a rare treat here!

  3. Our boys have to keep our wood pile by the house stocked up as well.. and we keep our main pile of wood over where our log splitter is so they have to take the 4 wheeler with a trailer attached over there to get some when we run out at the house.

    Fortunately, we've not had to use the wood stove for almost a week now because our temps have been above freezing even at night :) It's making me hope spring is around the corner, but I know better than to start dreaming of that too soon :).


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