Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

We ended up doing school on Saturday, January 8th, and I did not include it in last week's wrap-up so it's included in this week. The boys had their check-lists they needed to follow (think workboxes without the boxes). We are covering a lot of review products for the TOS Crew right now including:
  • Roman Town
  • Times Alive
  • VocabAhead 
  • Speekee
  • Maestro Classics
  • Ten Marks
  • Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!
  • Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • TOS Curiosity File Unit Study (we'll begin this next week)
We had a really good start to the week on Monday. We are slowly getting in to the routine of school again and that's very important. The boys are seeming to enjoy it - for the most part. They aren't always thrilled at what they have to do and they try to cut corners from time to time, but overall it's been going well.

Tuesday we had a great day - all "fun school." We headed north to our monthly art class. Today the kids were able to use the pottery wheel and they were thrilled! After we headed to the little park in town and had lunch. I had hoped to score some free ice skates that fit so we could all try ice-skating on the new rink there but no such luck. I've since found a pair here and I'm hoping to find some at the thrift store for the boys. It will be fun to take advantage of the free rinks in the area. After we headed to our piano lessons. N9 loves the Lego sets there that he is allowed to use while waiting for everyone to finish. Today they had pulled out a new building set and he had a blast with that one as well. We all have a great time at piano lessons.

Wednesday found us home all day. We had originally planned to head south to my sister's house. We do a bi-monthly fine arts co-op but a snow storm hit the state. We stayed home all day which was so nice and while the public schools had a snow day we did our school work. All nice and cozy in the house. Although, my MIL did drag me in to the woods just as it started to snow for a walk. J6 came with us. It was nice to get out and get some exercise and it was beautiful in the woods.

I've really been working on getting the boys used to doing school again and trying to set a schedule. This means that Thursday was a bit more of the same as the other days this week.

I was thrilled to find while I was typing up what we accomplished on Friday that we have so far completed 70 days this year. Our state requires 175 days so we only need to finish 105 days. The best part though...this time last year we had only completed 54 days so we are 16 days ahead of where we are last year. That feels really good!


  1. Hi Lisa-Anne!

    What's TOS?

    You guys had a fun week! We were in all day Wednesday too! LOL Everything was canceled. No surprise! (And S and I were sick so it worked out.)


  2. I would love to get the opportunity to use a pottery wheel! Looks like so much fun!

    Also, my oldest daughter would love the ice skating. The one time she got to she was a natural, while the rest of us hugged the rail! Lol! Guess her in-line skates are similar to ice skating!

    What a fun week y'all had!

  3. TOS stands for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. They put together a review group and members review various curriculum and such. This is my 2nd year on the Crew and it's a lot of fun and a HUGE blessing to your homeschool.

  4. We are currently working our way through the 2nd workbook of Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek. My daughter really enjoys it. Looking forward to your review of it.

  5. We never seem to have time for any "fun school" at home these days so I guess our "fun school" is our co-op day :)


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