Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Friend of a Friend of a Friend

As I've mentioned a time or two here, I am a type 1 diabetic. This means I need insulin to survive. I was 28 years old when I was diagnosed. Since that time they have come out with a new term for those like me who are diagnosed as insulin-dependent at a later age...Type 1.5.

I've talked about my story and how I was diagnosed a time or two here on my blog. This is probably the best one to go read (and no, you don't have to sponsor me for the Tour de Cure - I haven't set up my page yet for this year. ::grin::)

My hubby works for a rather small company. I think the grand total of employees right now is eleven. Thankfully over the last six years he has worked there we have been covered under some sort of health insurance. This is extremely helpful given how much insulin (almost $100 a vial) and my insulin pump supplies cost. Sadly it does mean that our insurance can change from year to year. Every year it is reviewed and the least inexpensive company is chosen.

Now we do live in Maine so that only allows for either Anthem or Aetna to cover us. I have tried in the past to get us quotes from other companies. Once I type in "Maine" they will no longer help us. Highly regulated - that's us! But I digress....

Two years ago our current policy allowed me to go back on a pump after being off for a year. If you want to read how and why that happened you can click here and here. I went back to my original pump and company (the MiniMed Paradigm by Medtronic).

However, last year when our insurance changed my pump supplies were no longer covered. These can be rather expensive. Thankfully I was able to get a three month supply shipped to me just before our coverage changed. By using them sparingly (i.e. incorrectly at times), I was able to make them stretch for almost nine months. However, it was definitely getting close to the time I would either have to go back on shots or find a way to  buy my supplies.

I know, this is turning in to a novel.

Where does a "friend of a friend of a friend" come in?

Two weeks ago I was at my weight loss Bible study class and talk turned to medical things. I made mention that I had found a wholesale company where I could get my supplies for a fraction of the cost. While still expensive, I was happier paying $140 for the two boxes I needed for a month rather than $300. I knew by using them sparingly and wisely I could make them stretch a bit but this was an affordable option.

And just last week I received my first set from the wholesale company. I was pretty happy I had found an affordable way to stay on my pump.

However, today my hubby brought me home a package. I had received a call from UPS a couple days ago that they had a package to deliver but couldn't make it to my house due to the roads. I gave them hubby's work address to deliver to instead.

He brought in a box from Medtronic. Odd. I hadn't ordered from them. I couldn't afford to!

I opened up the box to find two boxes of reservoirs and two boxes of infusion sets. Definitely odd!

Then I looked at the invoice. It had my name for shipping but a friend's husband's name for the billing and ordering. Really odd!

I immediately emailed my friend to ask what was up.

My Bible study leader goes to church with the man who ordered the supplies for me. He is a rep for Medtronic. She said I needed some supplies to get me through for a bit, could he help me? Apparently he could as I received the supplies in the mail today.

I've never met this man and I've only met his wife a few times at a VBS we did together a few years ago.

However, I wanted to publicly thank them. I had been thinking today before my hubby came home that my one box each of supplies would not last me three months. I could probably stretch it to just over two but it wouldn't go for 12 weeks unless I did some "cheating" again. And that messes with my blood sugars. All of this happened without me even realizing that my hubby had two months of supplies for me sitting in his office. I now have three months to figure out what to do and save up to order again from the wholesale company.

Thank you so much Debbie, Jim, and Brenna!


  1. Praise God!! That is a wonderful story of God using others to provide and protect us. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Wow, that is really sweet. Everytime I lose faith in humanity, something like this reminds me that there are well-meaning folk out there!

    Polar's Mom

  3. Beautiful! Faith in action. Praying for more blessing for you.

  4. This is exactly one of those "intangible" reasons we love Maine so much. We've met the nicest people there! ;0) Glad to hear this story. God always provides, doesn't He?

  5. That's a true God-thing.


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