Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursdays: Tied with Love & Laughter

Family Forest

As you think about the last week or so with your spouse, what stands out the most in your mind?  Did you have a special date, did you make a big decision, did he make you feel extra special in some way, did you laugh together, did you remember a special past memory, did you overcome something together, did he make you smile? 

There is no one specific event that comes to mind. However, I am simply thankful for the work that my hubby does. His job is located an hour drive south of where we live. We live on the family farm and while it's great to be near family it sometimes makes it difficult to spend time with my hubby. He is gone at least 12 hours every day - at least. Most days he's home only for an hour or so before the boys go to bed. Typically he is gone before any of us are awake in the morning (except our early bird -N9 - who gets up at o'dark thirty it seems). And yet he rarely if ever complains. 

He does his best to move quietly about in the morning so he doesn't wake me - his night owl wife. Many nights he will stay up late to spend time with me and B14. In fact, tonight I had rented a movie just for the two of us. We had friends over for dinner and didn't start he moving until close to 9:30pm. That's usually when he's heading to bed. He gladly stayed up and watched it with me and didn't head to bed until after 11pm. He still plans to get up by 5:30am. 

He is dedicated to taking good care of us. While I miss having him home more, I am thankful for the sacrifices he makes to provide for his family. It allows me to stay home and teach the boys. 

Please don't think he doesn't spend time with us - weekends are just for family and we often play games at dinner. A favorite way to spend time together making memories.

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  1. A husband who works hard and never complains is such a huge blessing! Your certainly have a keeper! Way to go "big gym!"

  2. You are a blessed lady!


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