Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Movie Night - Truth Be Told

What's the secret to a successful marriage?

When leading marriage counselor Annie Morgan (Candace Cameron Bure) is offered an opportunity to host a relationship talk show, she jumps at the chance. But fearful that being single might ruin her big break, she conspires with an old college friend and recent widower, Mark Crane (David James Elliott), to pose as a married couple with kids. Their story starts to unravel when Annie and Mark join her eccentric soon-to-be boss (Ronny Cox) for a weekend at his ranch in New Mexico. Comical misunderstandings mark the event as Annie struggles to keep up the ruse, finding herself emotionally invested and conflicted by her own conscience. Will she confess the truth about her marital status and her feelings for Mark... and will the truth set them free?

I was recently given the opportunity to check out the newest Family Movie night offering, Truth Be Told. I loved it. I've been a fan of Candace Cameron Bure since she was on Full House eons ago. This was a fun, fun movie to watch. The resounding theme was "tell the truth" as the title implies.

You can check out the Facebook page for Family Movie Night and see some neat behind-the-scenes videos and cast and crew interviews. I loved that the director of this movie was Jonathan Frakes. He became involved, as he mentioned in an interview, because he wanted to make movies his kids could watch. I think he managed to do just that with this offering.

Truth Be Told will be shown on the Fox Network on Saturday, April 16th at 8pm ET.


  1. This was a great movie!!!

  2. This sounds cute...thanks for sharing!


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