Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free Digital Copy of TOS Summer 2011 Edition

It's no secret. If you've read my blog over the past three years, you know I have a working relationship with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine or TOS. As a curriculum reviewer on the TOS Homeschool Crew,  I'm sometimes given a heads up on neat freebies to share with my readers. This is one of those times!

Not only do I do curriculum reviews, but I'm an avid reader of the magazine itself. In fact, I have been a long-time subscriber. It's worth every single penny. 

Of course, I can certainly tell you why you should subscribe and all the great benefits to reading it and all the fabulous articles you'll see, but what if you could check it out yourself?

Right now TOS is offering up their newest magazine, the Summer 2011 edition, absolutely free as a digital download. It's all of the same great content as the print magazine, but you can do all kinds of cool things such as sharing pages, clicking on links, and more!

Interested? Click here to go directly to the digital Summer 2011 edition and enjoy!

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