Monday, August 15, 2011

Yum!!!! (plus giveaway)

::sniff:: ::sniff:: So sorry the screen doesn't come equipped with a scratch and sniff mode. You really need it for this product. 

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the new Land O Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread thanks to MyBlogSpark. I love having toast with butter and cinnamon and sugar on it in the mornings. Not all the time, but when I have toast, that's what I want on it. And the nice thing...I'm one of the only ones in the house who will eat it or can eat it. My hubby has a lactose intolerance issue so he can't have any. Oh well! That's one reason I was pretty happy to join in on this Spark from MyBlogSpark. 

I soon received a package like this in the mail.....

Isn't that neat! The waffle iron makes mini-waffles - perfect for my boys. I never have enough spatulas either! Instead of the actual package of spread, there was a coupon inside for a free container. However, before I could scoot out to pick one up, a second box arrived with this....

And the next morning I had toast with butter, cinnamon & sugar on it.! It is SO good and I didn't even have to worry about mixing up some cinnamon & sugar. It all just went on at once and melted right in to the bread (homemade oatmeal btw). It was so yummy! 

I've had this a couple more times since then and it continues to be just as yummy. This is definitely a neat little item to have on hand when the mood strikes for some cinnamon & sugar toast.

Are you interested in winning your own prize pack? Of course you are! Here is what you'll receive:

    Your giveaway prize pack will contain:
  • One refrigerated sample of new LAND O LAKES®Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread
  • One VIP coupon good for the purchase of one package of new LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread
  • One porcelain spreader
  • One spatula
  • One mini waffle pan
  • One heart shaped cookie cutter

Just like the photo above.

Enter to win:

It's relatively simple. Just leave me a comment with your answer to this question....

What is your favorite breakfast food?

You can also connect with Land O' Lakes on Facebook and Twitter. That's just fun to do but not required for the giveaway. The contest will end on Wednesday, August 24th. Unless I forget. Which happens. I'll announce a winner next week!

Disclosure: The LAND O LAKES Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread product, information, and giveaway have been provided by Land O' Lakes through MyBlogSpark.


  1. My favorite breakfast food is cereal, but my husband makes a mean cinnamon toast that I can't duplicate. Something about the careful melting of butter and meticulous sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon. No patience! So this product is a wow for me. Thanks for the chance!

  2. My favorite breakfast is oatmeal honey pancakes with fresh picked blueberries!!! oh my the are so yummy. It was smother in butter and our own maple syrup!!!

  3. My favorite breakfast is hashbrowns sauteed with onions and peppers topped with bacon and 2 eggs over easy. It makes a wonderful stack of yummy goodness.


  4. I am not a breakfast person in general (I know that's bad!), but cinnamon pancakes are my favorite! This stuff looks waaaay too good! I would love to win and make some yummy cinnamon toast for myself and the girls. I love anything with cinnamon and sugar. ;0) And butter. I admit it -- I'm a butter snob and will only buy Land O Lakes butter because it tastes the best. Their white American cheese is awesome, too!

    P.S. I do make gluten free pancakes and toast! It's actually good!

  5. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous of this "prize pack" (though not of the drama that went with it)! Anyway, I like to eat an onion bagel with soy sausage and swiss cheese. How weird is that? ;)


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