Friday, August 12, 2011


It's late and I'm tired. That's probably why I'm feeling like sharing right now. Life has been going full steam ahead - like always (and I'm working hard to fix this issue). I haven't felt like doing much lately. I spent most of last week at SoulFest and had a fantastic time. I'm not sure if I'm still trying to recover from the late nights and all the great music or if something else might be going on. Who knows. And yes, I will be posting about that great time soon but I do have a bunch of photos loaded to Facebook if you want to take a peak.

I've been spending time tonight trying to get caught up on blogging. I owe some reviews so I'm working on getting those posted over the weekend. That's a heads up for all the "un-personal" posts. Maybe that's why I'm sharing. Make things a bit more personable around here.

Over two years ago I lost my mom to a very fast moving cancer. By the time the doctors figured out what was wrong with her (they think lymphoma/leukemia) it was almost too late to do much. However, it wasn't the cancer that took her (well, indirectly it did) but MRSA which she contracted right at the end of her very first round of chemo. Needless to say I still think of the "what ifs" and I still get irritated about the lack of facilities for chemo treatments in small towns. In short, her chemo needed to be administered daily but the cancer clinic was only open four days a week. The other days she had to go to the local ER - with a depressed immune system.

Moving on before I jump on my soapbox.......

Like I said earlier way up there in the title, I was going through email tonight. I don't keep my inboxes completely clear. And yes, I said in-boxes because I'm a bit of a email junkie. At last count I have four email addresses and they all serve a certain purpose and I like it that way. However, it does mean I sometimes get inundated with emails and feel the urge to tidy up a bit from time to time - so to speak.

However, every email address I have has a few emails that will never, ever (I so hope!) be erased. They are from my mom like this one sent on Christmas 2008.....

HI All,
I plagiarized this paper from chip and jenny last years :-)  it is pretty though don't you think?  Just want to let  you know how proud dad and I are of all of you!!  You are wonderful adults with great attitudes and you make us both very happy!!!  I am talking about all of you including the sons and daughter in law!!!  We feel like you are our own "kids" also.  We have a lot to thank God for, wonderful children with wonderful families and we figure we are really blessed.  This is just to say merry Christmas and tell you all how very much we do love you!!!!
mom and Dad

It makes me so glad I decided not to delete all my emails.


  1. That's a great email to cherish. So glad you have it! It says a lot about your mom that she sent it, too. She must've been a great person.

  2. that's a wonderful email to have kept, I have the same email account I've always had, for 12-13 years now, and there are some in there I too hope never get deleted. they're in a special folder and I add to it when appropriate!

  3. How blessed you are to have that word of blessing from your mom to keep forever!


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