Friday, October 28, 2011

'Tis the Season (giveaway included)

Since the dreaded 's' word is in the forecast for tonight (that would be snow for anyone who lives in the southern parts of the world), I thought it would be a good time to share what I'll be doing for Christmas cards this year.

Last year I was able to participate in Shutterfly's Holiday Blogging promotion. I was thrilled with the card I picked and how easy it was to create them. I was able to add photos of each of the boys. That helped to eliminate the 4x6 photo I usually add to the card. The design also fit my style so well.

This year I am able to again use Shutterfly to create my Christmas photo cards and I'm thrilled. I love the photo cards over at Shutterfly. Have you ever checked them out? I love the designs. I also love how easy they make it.

You can pick by design, by the number of photos you want to include, or even the style of cards. You can even use those parameters once you pick the style of card. It makes it super easy to browse designs. This year I'm thinking about creating a "flat stationary" card. I like the look of this one....

I could easily fit photos of the boys on here. Black and white photos would really pop with the blue and white colors. 

And I absolutely love this card design! I can so see my boys lined up just like the ones on the card. SO CUTE!

Shutterfly doesn't just offer cards. You can use your photos to create unique gifts for your list of friends and family this year. Photo calendars are always a fun gift. They offer traditional wall calendars, desk calendars and even calendar posters. Check out their photo gifts for even more great ideas. 

Are you a blogger? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here


Would you like to try out Shutterfly this holiday season? Tell me if you send out Christmas cards and if not, why you decided not to. I'll be picking three winners who will receive a code for 25 free greeting cards. I'll choose the winners on Sunday, November 6th.

Disclaimer: Shutterfly provided me with 50 free holiday greeting cards in exchange for my honest opinion about their service. No other compensation was received. 


  1. I just won this on another blog, so I feel a little greedy entering again, but we send over 100 cards a year and this would be great to win (again). Since we live 3000 miles from family and home, we send them to friends and family!

  2. I send cards every year with an updated picture of my little man :) I love the picture cards because everyone gets to see how much he has grown!

  3. I used to send cards every year no matter what, I guess money has been an issue. I do share photos with family we see in person. I need to send photo cards, some have never seen our baby and she is almost 3! Thats sad!

  4. I haven't sent many cards in the past few years. We've really cut back but these would be wonderful to send.

    Karen @

  5. We like to send cards, but don't get around to it every year. I also have 25 of these now, but will share more if we get more.

  6. I always send out cards. It's a nice way to remember people and stay in touch with them over the holidays. There are so many friends and family that we want to share the joy of the season with!

  7. I always send out cards. It's one my favorite parts of Christmas!:) Lori

    Having a great giveaway on my blog so please stop by!:)

  8. I love to send out cards, especially, personalized ones. I would love to win one of your codes!

    pixiedustedhomeschool at yahoo dot com

  9. We love sending out cards, but it can be expensive since all of our family are out of state! Would love to win!