Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shutterfly Makes Christmas Easier

I've been spending some time tonight checking out the Christmas card designs over at Shutterfly. I love sending out photos with my Christmas cards, but rarely do I send photo cards.

There are a number of designs that simply jumped out at me while I was browsing. I could just picture my boys smiling faces on the fronts. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love the geometrical look of this one as well as the colors. Clean and simple lines and the photos are the star of the front of this card. Showing off my family is part of the fun of sending out cards after all.

I also liked this one quite well....

I like how many photos are showcased on this card front. I also have to have a card that says "Merry Christmas" on it. After all, it reminds us why we celebrate Christmas in the first place - Christ's birth. 

I also really liked this card....

I have a black and white photos of the boys that would be perfect for this card. I love the red & white scroll of words across the front as well. It's just beautiful. Of course, the little girl is pretty cute too. Obviously mine would have three smiling boy faces on the front. Probably this photo....

Aren't they just adorable too? Oh wait, my oldest wouldn't like hearing that (even though it's true). However, given the choice, I think this is the card I would pick...

I love the graphics. I love that it has three spots (since I have three boys - perfect fit) and the inside sentiment says "every good gift comes from above - Merry Christmas" - so true.

Shutterfly also has some great matching address labels, gift tags (adorable!), and even more styles of cards to pick from. 

Disclaimer: Shutterfly has given the me the chance to earn 50 free photo cards by sharing what I liked about their site. Interested? Go check it out for yourself.

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