Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And so it begins...

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Last week I shared how I was chosen to begin a free 8-week "kick-start" to loosing weight. Last night was the actual "kick-off" to the whole thing. We learned what we would exactly be doing for the next eight weeks. So let me share so you can all help me stay accountable.

For the next eight weeks I have committed to doing the following through the "Biggest Winner" program...
  • Attend weekly "weight loss" support group meetings. 
  • Commit to five workouts a week. These will consist of...
    • One workout a week with my trainer
    • Three classes a week (of my choice) at the gym 
    • One day on my own doing my program set by my trainer
  • Follow my food plan
I attended my first weight loss class on Monday morning. We discussed how to stay committed and motivated. I thought the educator shared some insightful things. One thing that really clicked for me this time was identifying my reasons for weight loss. I need to put these in writing and perhaps I'll share them here. I want to be able to refer to them when the going gets tough - as it most likely will at some point.

He also shared how to set goals and suggested setting SMART goals. 
  • S = specific
  • M = measurable
  • A = action oriented
  • R = realistic
  • T = timely
I actually revised my workout out goals based on this information.

He also suggested identifying any barriers and then coming up with some possible solutions. Having a plan helps to increase the chances of success.

As for my food plan, I met with the dietitian last week and she gave me a plan for a 1300 calorie diet. I was pleased that it was not strict and there is definitely a bit of wiggle room. I also loved that we were given four choices for each meal plus a page of snack ideas. The meal choices will help eliminate counting calories - if we follow it closely - which is great. I already count carbs due to my Type 1 diabetes and I didn't want to have to count calories too. 

Last evening - after a vigorous Zumba class - I attended the kick-off meeting. I was able to meet the other participants and see who was on my team. We were also given a packet of information to help guide us through the next eight weeks. It will definitely be interesting.

Of the three other ladies on my team, I already know two of them and one even attends my church. Out of the 16 people in the program, I know three and two are on my team. 

One last thing we learned last night is our weekly challenges. Each week the teams have a challenge to complete over the course of the week. The team that wins will earn a one month pass to the gym to be used anytime before the end of the year. Let's just say that Kelly - the owner of the gym and creator of the program - was very creative in her challenges!
  • Week 1 = most workout time logged (I already have 140 mins)
  • Week 2 = Most pounds lost in one week
  • Week 3 = No soda, tobacco products, coffee/tea, sugared drinks, alcohol, or any food with more than three ingredients. For each item consumed, you have to give yourself a point. The team with the fewest points wins. We are all stressing this week already!
  • Week 4 = Most body fat lost in one week - each week we will be meeting with our trainer and having these measurements (and weight) taken
  • Week 5 = Meet daily fiber requirements daily for one week. For women this is 25 grams and it's 38 grams for men
  • Week 6 = Faster 10-miler. As a team we will need to do this so each person will complete 2-1/2 miles. The plan is to do this as a group at an indoor track.
  • Week 7 = Most inches lost in one week
  • Week 8 = Low GI Foods. For each food with a GI Index of 80 or less, you get a point. The team with the most points wins.

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Today I had my first workout with my trainer. Since I joined the gym at the beginning of the month and already did a trainer meeting, my program was still new enough to be used. I really like my trainer and come to find out - while we chatted on the elliptical machine - we grew up in nearby towns and our parents attended church together. It is such a small world. 

I was pleased with how well I did today. It definitely helped to have Kate there pushing me. For example, my warm up consisted of walking up and down a flight of stairs for five minutes. I may have done the five minutes by myself, but I most certainly would not have run. However, she encouraged me to do so and I ran about half the sets. I'm actually looking forward to our next time together when she'll take my measurements again and I can see what I've lost.

Weight loss to date (from the time my program was first set up mid-January) - 1 pound. And I'll take it.


  1. Sounds like a great plan, Lisa! I'm joining you from afar! LOL I've lost 13 since 12/18 (taking time off for Christmas though).

  2. Whoo hoo!!! What a great challenge! You can do it!!!!


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