Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Glimpse At My Week

I've been sharing my weight loss journey as I go through the "Biggest Winner" program at my local gym. I was in the midst of typing an update email to a friend of mine who has been helping to keep me accountable and to encourage me on this journey when I thought it might be interesting to share here. Here is a look at what I did this week.

Our "week" at the gym goes from Monday to Sunday. I take Sundays off due to the gym hours and my commitments at church. I also take one other day "off" during the week. And the gym is at least a 35-45 minute drive for me each way depending on the traffic.

  • Headed to the gym for 9am and did a spin class for 45 minutes. This has been my favorite one so far.
  • Changed quickly and headed to the hospital for my "Weigh to Go" class
  • Headed home and made lunch for the boys - ran a couple errands on the way
  • Ate lunch
  • Had a 2 hour on-line meeting for our 4H group
  • Had an hour to "veg" on line which I did
  • Headed back to the gym for a workout with my trainer. It was filmed for TV. Joy....
  • Home in the morning on purpose - did school with my youngest
  • Piano lessons after lunch (2 hours)
  • Rushed home, changed, and headed to the gym for Zumba. Got filmed for TV again during class along with some other ladies in the program.
  • Home by 6:30
  • To church (20 min. drive one way) by 9am for a 4H Tanglewood class - there all morning
  • Home after lunch for 45 minutes
  • Headed south for a chiropractor appointment (60 min drive one way) 
  • No workout today
  • To gym by 8:30 - took a "hooping" class - weighted hula hoop. I loved it. It was small - just four of us & the instructor. They were all impressed by my first time hooping skills. HA. Must be the Zumba. 
  • After Hooping, I did my weight workout. Took 30 minutes. Then on the elliptical for another 30 minutes. Stretching after. At the gym for over 2 hours. Got recognized for the first time as a "Biggest Winner" contestant at the gym. Found out the program has started to air on TV.
  • Did grocery shopping before going home.
  • Did errands around the house. Worked on computer
  • Went and did Zumba at the local spot I used to go to
  • Headed to gym for 9am and did a spin class. Camera lady found me. I thought I had hidden pretty well too! 
  • Only did 30 minutes of the spin class (it's an advanced one) so I went and did a "weight loss" workout on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Camera lady was following trainer workouts and caught me in there beside another contestant. Stretched. At the gym for 75 minutes.
  • Home
  • Took the boys to Wal-Mart to spend some of their money & treated them to a few special things (a couple new movies) for being so supportive this week
  • Took a much needed nap today!
  • Stayed home!
  • Zumba this morning
  • Cleaned house after lunch
Needless to say it's taking a lot of time to do this, but right now I'm very blessed to have a teenage son who is very responsible. I can trust him to keep things running here at home while I'm gone. I'm also extremely blessed to have boys who will do their schoolwork without me having to oversee it all. I make sure to have a checklist for them each day that they follow. They are very good about doing this.

Our new week starts Monday. Our challenge this week is "No coffee/tea, no soda, no alcohol, no tobacco products, no artificial sugar, and no food with more than three ingredients." The only one I'm really worried about is the food one. Any good tips, recipes, anything to help me out there? I'm appreciate it. Oh & our week will begin at 4:30am with a group workout. I'm not looking forward to that, but it's doable. I hope!


  1. Lots of Salad?
    Not really sure on that one. Sounds like a crazy busy week, but you are doing great! Keep up the good work!

    See you Monday!

  2. Hey, you're a TV star! Wish I could see the show.

    Just reading all this makes me tired. You deserve a pat on the back.

    Glad to hear the boys are cooperative and doing their schoolwork. Yay, boys!

    Keep on keepin' on! I like reading your updates. Wish exercise worked by osmosis. Ha!


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