Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week One Done

Phew! I'm tired. But it's a good tired. I shared previously about my new "get healthy" challenge. The first week is complete. Sadly our team came in second. The men's team (the blue team) came in first but we definitely gave them a run for their money. 

The picture above is one of the boards at the gym. This one will list all the weekly challenge results. I'm not looking forward to week #2. You can see above that it's "most pounds lost in one week." The only problem with this challenge is that our weigh-in varies each week.

My first weigh was held at 11am in the morning. This week's weigh in was at 6pm at night after a full day of working out and running after kids. 

Having said that the good news is...I didn't gain weight. But I didn't loose anything this week either. However, my trainer was still happy. Along with a weekly weigh-in, we are also measured with calipers and a measuring tape. Those measurements showed that I had lost a pound of fat and gained three pounds of muscles. The hard work is paying off!

There is another board at the gym complete with our photos. That board will list our measurements each week and our changes. While I am tired, I can tell I'm getting stronger. I can go longer and harder and not get as tired. I've upped my weights already as well.

Each week we have a workout with our trainer. I really like my trainer. So far both times we've worked out we've done the same routine. This week we jumped on the elliptical first and did that for about 20 minutes. Then we headed out to do my program. It called for using the flight of stairs in the gym to warm up. I thought we'd skip it.  I was plenty warm from doing the elliptical. Nope. We did the stairs. However, Kate took pity on me - I think. She ran a flight and then I had to run a flight - for five minutes. And to top it off...the entire program is being filmed for the local cable access channel. Yup, I was filmed tonight. 

While I was at the gym this morning (I tried out a hula hooping class - fun!) I was "recognized" as one of the participants. Apparently, the show has started to air on TV. Everyone has been very supportive. And it definitely gives me a new level of accountability.

My next weigh-in is a week from today - in the morning. I can't wait to see the results.


  1. Great work, Lisa!! Gaining that muscle is a HUGE thing that will pay off so much.

  2. I think my comment was eaten as I didn't sign in to google. LOL

    I'm impressed, Lisa.


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