Monday, February 3, 2014

Fun Fine Arts

We've been having a year full of outside activities that fall under the "Fine Arts" heading for learning. We've been going to see some wonderful plays, attending art classes, and we have tickets to the symphony later this spring.

We are truly blessed to have a local Opera House host school shows four times a year. They are typically very well done. We've been attending them for about the last three years and in that time we've only seen two where we though, "Eh, that wasn't all that great." Typically we leave raving about the show and discussing all we liked. Today was one of those days.

We attended a play called "The Civil War." Above are the five actors who portrayed multiple characters in the show. The gentleman at the far left portrayed about five generals for the Union, a father, and numerous Union soldiers as well as Confederate soldiers all while singing and dancing too!

Here is a YouTube montage of the play. The show is done by TheaterWorksUSA. They travel all over and put on the production. This troupe of actors was heading to New Hampshire after performing two shows today. The actors in the montage below are different than the ones who did the play today.

My favorite part was that all my boys enjoyed it and learned something about the Civil War they didn't already know. As an added bonus, we were able to visit a bit with friends we don't see as much since we've moved. A good day all the way around.

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