Friday, June 6, 2014

Bathroom Redo

We moved in to our home almost two years ago. I love our house. However, every single room was still "builder's white." Before we moved in, each of the boys chose how they wanted their rooms to look. Those rooms were all painted before we even moved in. However, the main floor was still white.

A few months after we moved, my hubby and I finally agreed on a paint color for our living room so I took a weekend while he was away and painted that.

Lately it's been bathrooms that have started to bother me. Boring white. Last weekend I tackled the main bathroom.


It's not that big of a room. I anticipated it taking me most of the weekend to finish. I began working on it last Saturday. I finally finished it Wednesday! 

It didn't take me all that time to paint it. A nasty stomach virus got in my way. I woke up very early on Sunday morning ill - more ill than I've been in a very long time. I went over 12 hours without eating and drinking very little. I finally began feeling better as the evening came on Sunday. I was so thankful it was relatively short lived as I had an extremely busy week. It did change my plans though as I spent most of Sunday in bed sleeping. That also explains the lack of blog posts this past week!

However, without further adieu...

It's a rather nice gray I think. I do plan to hang some art work on the large blank wall in the middle photo. Last summer my hubby and I spent a week in Canada for our anniversary. While in Montreal we walked along an artist alley and I bought three pencil drawings - two of Montreal and one of Quebec. I need to get those framed and then they'll go up in the bathroom. 

I'm thankful this is done. One bathroom down. One to go. The second one will need to wait though. I need to recover from this past painting job for a bit!

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  1. Oooo, la, la! Looks lovely! A definite improvement over the white. Strong work!


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