Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. July is National Anti-Boredom Month. When was the last time you were bored? What's your go-to cure for boredom? I do not get bored easily. I have a long list of projects to do. However, on the very rare occasion when I have nothing on my to do list, I'll either read a book or play some games on my phone or Kindle. 

2. What's the last thing you made a reservation for? I made reservations for a hotel stay out of state. We'll be traveling south to bury my husband's grandmother who passed away a few months ago. She was in her late 90s.

3. What's one thing on your summer 'bucket list'? Any plans to make it happen? I haven't written out an actual list, but I'm really hoping for plenty of beach time and day hikes. My boys and I have started geocaching so I'd like to spend some time on that hobby as well.

4. What's your favorite summertime sip? Water. Amazingly enough - for all those that know me really well - I have finally stopped drinking Diet Mt. Dew. It's been my go to drink now for well over 20 years. I've always stopped drinking it (or severely limited it) when I was pregnant, but as of the end of May, I'm pretty sure I'm done. So I'm sticking to either regular water or SoBe Life Water if I want something with flavor.

5. What do you find is the best way to handle another person's hostility and hopefully ease the tension? Either sympathy or laughter.

6. Your favorite film set in summer? Good question! I really can't think of one off the top of my head. Most of the movies I love take place over a year. 

7. What word are you using too much lately? Really? I know. I need to stop.

8. Insert your own random thought here. I'm very proud of my hubby. He's been taking control of his health and has been working on losing weight. It's making it easier for me to do the same. Of course, he's on the fast track - like most men he can drop the pounds quickly when he sets his mind to it. He's now down an entire pant size. We're both exercising and making changes in our diet. 


  1. Good for you and the Mt. Dew! I used to drink a lot of Mt. Dew in collegge because of all the caffeine, but I don't think I've had one since. And congrats to your hubs too-that's great! Nice to see you in the HP this week : )

  2. Well done on the water. I'm trying SO hard to reduce my caffiene at the moment, but it's a HARD habit to break. Wel done for coming so far already.


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