Sunday, July 12, 2015

Get Air

One of these very fun trampoline parks (Get Air) opened relatively recently (or at least I found out about it relatively recently) and we have so far been three times. It is SO much fun! All of the trampolines are at floor height. The floor is soft and built so that you don't have to climb up on to any trampolines.

They have a bunch of different trampolines. Some flat. Some angled (you can see the in the back of the photo behind my middle son above). They have a bunch of foam pits you can jump in to as well. There is also a basketball "court" where you can jump on trampolines and shoot hoops. There is also a dodge ball court but that place can get a bit vicious. One girl was hit in the face during one of our visits and had her nose broken! Ouch! There is also a ninja course (kind of a kid-size version of American Ninja Warrior if you are familiar with that at all). Lastly there is even a slack line you can try walking across with lots of padding underneath to catch you when (not if!) you fall. All in all there is tons to do and keep kids (and adults) busy for the hour or two you are there.

The first time we went in March with our 4H group. The kids had a great time, but the little one I babysit was sick (I didn't realize it until we were already there and he was jumping). You could see the poor thing loose energy as the hour went on. I knew I wanted to make another trip back because he loves to jump!

A few months went by and a homeschooling mom put together a group jump just for homeschoolers in April. I have to say it was so much better when we went this time. The music wasn't as loud. There weren't as many high school/college kids there, and it wasn't as crowded. In fact, we waited less than 10 minutes to get in and start jumping versus the over 30 minutes we had to wait when we went the first time. We were also able to jump for two hours and only pay for one. My kids so enjoy this place and this time even I jumped! It was such a great time. 

Scaling the "ninja" course - it was tough!

A little monkey if ever I saw one!

And then in June we went yet again. It's very worth the 90 minute drive to get there.  I'm really hoping the same gal does some more jumps once school starts again. 

Did I mention what a monkey he is? He was getting fantastic at scaling this wall and then would slide down. I just have to say we're "going jumping" and he knows exactly where we are headed and is super excited to go!

I love that they have a special section just for the younger kids (height requirements). It's not huge (four trampolines and a small foam pit to jump in), but this little one would spend the whole time either scaling this wall or jumping. He didn't really like the foam pit (we tried it a couple of times). I always have a nice quiet ride home. 

I was surprised how much I enjoyed jumping myself. And it was a great way to check off that "homeschool PE" box. Not to mention a super fun way!

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  1. Looks great, Lisa. I've heard about this place, but wasn't sure my older kids would enjoy it...


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