Saturday, August 6, 2016

Water Fun

I've seen these balloons and heard from others who have used it. They seemed like the perfect solution for a hot summer day. We seem to be having quite a few of those this summer. 

We had a "bonus boy" over today. That's the name I give to the boys I watch from time to time. It typically is boys. Go figure says the mom to three of those creatures. 

They really seemed to have a good time. The balloons were okay. The color filled ones didn't really leave a mark except for when filling them. We didn't get all to fill. You can see in the bucket photo above how some didn't work. Our biggest issue, however, was that they didn't seem to burst on impact. And a full water balloon hurts when it hits. Overall they seemed to have a good time although they didn't get as wet as we had thought. 

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